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Due to overwhelming amount of you who expressed interest in the Doom Patrol, I got to wonder if we should keep this train a-rollin'.

If you want to get back to AAA Event (Archers, Assassins, and All-stars) after next week's releases, please vote 'AAA' in all capital letters at the beginning or end of a comment explaining why.

If you want to keep the Doom Patrol going (provided we have DP characters funded by Friday night, nine days ahead of that Monday's release), then vote 'DOOM' in all capital letters at the beginning or end of a comment explaining why.

I will close this poll this Thursday night.

Doom or Boom: A New Kind of Poll

Fri Mar 16, 2018, 7:56 AM

POLL CLOSED at 1334 EST on 3/16/2018

doom: 23               Boom: 2


This poll will determine the releases between March 26th and March 30th. You have two choices: DOOM and BOOM.

If you vote for DOOM, you are voting for:
Crazy Jane 1
Negative Man

If you vote for BOOM, you are voting for:
Tatsu Yamashiro (new variant casual outfit)
Raquel Ervin
Veronica Sinclair

If DOOM wins, the characters of BOOM will be released the following week as part of the regularly scheduled releases. If BOOM wins, the characters of DOOM will return to the Wildcard voting system and you will have a chance to vote for them again on the date of the next batch funding completion.

To vote, simply leave a comment to this journal with DOOM or BOOM (written in all caps). I will tally the scores from legitimate accounts (based on my own judgment based on past Earth-27 community interaction, creation date of dA account, number of other comments, et cetera).

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

E27 Journal: Let's Create Crazy!

Mon Mar 12, 2018, 8:48 AM
So with the recent poll and sponor decision to bring out the Doom Patrol, I decided to give you fans a glimpse of the workings of my messed up brainpain by exploring the messed up network of neurons and neurology that is the mind of Kay Challis, aka: Doom Patroller "Crazy Jane" and how she will be developed for Earth-27.

Now, first off, who is Crazy Jane for the uninitiated or those unfamiliar with Doom Patrol? 

Crazy Jane (real name: Kay Challis) is a character created by Grant Morrison and Richard Case for their work on the Vertigo Comics version of the Doom Patrol. She first appears in Doom Patrol (2nd series) #19 (February 1989). Basically, she is a character who has 64 different powersets, each one associated with a different one of her multiple personalities. 

Crazy Jane's personalities all live in a mental construct called the Underground, which is organized like a subway system. Each personality has their own station and this is where they dwell until they become the dominant personality. The bottom level, the Well, is where personalities go to destroy themselves.

The personalities are:
Crazy Jane: The dominant personality. No powers. Her name is derived from that of a character in several poems by Yeats.
K-5: The original Kay Challis, who vanished at age 5. She is "sleeping" in one of the lower stations of the Underground.
Miranda: A former dominant personality.
Liza Radley: A normal personality, awakened as a result of a loving environment, who pushes Jane to recovery. The other personalities are unsure of how to react to Liza and feel threatened by her. She is named after a song by The Jam, the B-side of their single "Start!".
Daddy: An impression of Jane's father as a giant monster made of insects, excrement and puzzle pieces.
Driver 8: Conductor of the Underground subway, named after the R.E.M. song. The Driver's hat has an infinity symbol (a sideways "8") on it.
Black Annis: An aggressive misandrist, equipped with sharp claws, red eyes, and blue skin.
Baby Doll: A childlike personality that believes everything is lovely.
Scarlet Harlot: A nymphomanic with the power to create ectoplasm projections and absorb stray psychosexual energy.
Baby Harlot: An integration of Baby Doll and Scarlet Harlot.
Penny Farthing: She speaks with a stutter. A Penny Farthing is the English name for the early bicycles that had different-sized wheels.
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter: An artist with the power to psychically activate her paintings; whose name is taken from the title of an album by the Incredible String Band.
Rain Brain: She speaks in a stream of consciousness and can take on an abstract immaterial form.
Flit: She can teleport anywhere. Dresses in late 80s fashion.
Mama Pentecost: An expert enigma and cryptogram solver.
Sun Daddy: A gigantic figure with a sun for a head with the power to throw fireballs.
Sex Bomb: She explodes when sexually aroused.
Stigmata: She bleeds from her hands and feet.
No One: One of Kay's very aggressive personalities.
Lucy Fugue: She has radioactive bones and see-through skin. She can also generate harmonic vibrations.
Hammerhead: She is very aggressive towards everyone.
Spinning Jenny: Prone to panic attacks.
Flaming Katy: She is a pyrokinetic.
Lady Purple: She can see the future but rarely speaks; her name possibly comes from the Siouxsie and the Banshees song "Christine."
Pepper's Ghost
Merry Andrew: Dresses as a Harlequin and carries toys.
Driller Bill
Pretty Polly
The Snow Queen
The Sin-Eater: She believes she must suffer for her sins. Jane brings her out as a defense when being tortured.
The Signal-Man
Jill-in-Irons: She is wrapped in large chains. Possibly a reference to Jack-In-Irons.
The Secretary: A neat and orderly pessimist who rarely shows emotion.
The Weird Sisters: A three-in-one personality.
The Engineer: He assists Driver 8 in maintaining The Underground.
Kit W'the Canstick: An old woman who carries a burned-out candle.
Jack Straw: A living scarecrow.
The Pointman: He assists Driver 8 in maintaining The Underground.
Sylvia: She bears Jane's feelings of claustrophobia. She is locked inside of a small room, reciting poem fragments. She believes if she can put the fragments together she can use them as a key out of the room.
Butterfly Baby: Constantly suffers pain on a Hellraiser-like level in the deepest part of Jane's mind.
The Shapeless Children: Constantly repeat "Daddy don' do it".
Bizzie Lizzie Borden: Jane's ninth alter, who may not be real.
Blood of the Lamb: No given information. In this form, Jane is covered head to toe in blood coming from unknown (or nonexistent) wounds.
Others: There are still other personalities in Jane who haven't yet been properly identified. They include: A nun with a chainsaw, a red-headed girl with a beauty mark in a red dress, someone in gladiator gear, one in biker gear, a red-headed school girl, a boy with short blonde hair, a person with an orange, odd-shaped head, and a woman whose face is shadowed over.

So what is she like in Earth-27? 

As mentioned in a past journal, Kay Challis is a shizophrenic patient of Steve Dayton whose meta-gene is agitated by her multiple personalities. She is a teenager when first recruited to be part of the Division Office of Operational Metahumans but is now in her twenties.

Now, to make Jane a bit more digestible, I've decided to give her one eighth of her comic book personalities and cap her at 8 personalities. Hopefully we will be able to get all 8 made into portraits eventually, but I think I could also make it work with 5.

Before I cover the personalities, know that I decided to take pieces from several of Jane's canon personalities so each of the Earth-27 personalities is really a composite cluster of multiple identities and given my own interpretation. I will try to cover which personalities are merged into which.

Miranda Silvo, aka: "Mama Pentecost"
A composite of Miranda, Stigmata, Sin-Eater, Sylvia, Mama Pentecost, and more.
This is the first alternate personality that developed and looks after the other personalities as if the Matriarch of Kay's mind. Miranda cries blood and obsessively frets over puzzles and patterns, looking for them everywhere. She has the powers of enhanced resilience and strength. She usually only takes dominance as a response to Kay suffering immense pain or hardship.

Penny Farthing, aka: "Rain Brain"
A composite of Penny Farthing, Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, Rain Brain, Pretty Polly, and more.
This stuttering personality takes the form of a shy, quiet, and beautiful artist who has the powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection, but whose speech is limited to short phrases or jumbled up mumblings. Usually only takes dominance after some sort of hardship.

Liza Radley, aka: "Lady Purple"
A composite of Liza Radley,  Lady Purple, the Secretary, Spinning Jenny, Rain Brain, and more.
This happy and reasonably well-adjusted personality (who is prone to panic attacks) with an enhanced intellect and telekinetic powers. Usually takes dominance when Kay is an incredibly good mood or after something very good happens to Kay.

Jane Snow, aka: "Crazy Jane"
My interpretation of Crazy Jane, with a sprinkling of Flit.
Jane is a bit of an oddball, but she is by far the most stable personality. She can tap into weaker versions of the other personalities powers and is exceptionally skilled in summoning up the other personalties for a 'chat'. She enjoys 80's culture and music and has the power to teleport in her line of sight or to places she considers to be her 'safe places'. Jane is the default dominant personality.

Kay Challis, aka: "K-5"
A composite of K-5, Baby Doll, Merry Andrew, Butterfly Baby, and the Shapeless Children.
A cluster of jumbled personalities, all echoes of different experiences from Kay's childhood. This personality can conjure toys. Kay rarely takes dominance and usually as a response to overwhelming fear or other stressors, or if something reminds her of her childhood.

Jack Straw, aka: "Daddy"
A composite of Daddy, Jack Straw, Sun Daddy, No One, Black Annis, Flaming Katy, Jill-in-Irons, Hammerhead, Bizzie Lizzie Borden, and more.
A representation of Kay's fear of her father made into a misanthropic malevolent personality with different degrees of severity. In its worst form, Daddy is a clawed, demonic looking figure with a head covered in blistering black fire, a nightmarish face, and elongated limbs. When this personality takes control, the other personalities are usually chained up inside Kay's mind and forced to endure nightmarish tortures. Jack tries to show up whenever he can and is unpredictable, but is most successful whenever Kay is at her weakest moments, usually brought on by severe anger or as a response to Kay feeling as though she has failed or hurt someone important to her.

Lucy Fugue, aka: "Scarlet Harlot"
A composite of Lucy Fugue, Scarlet Harlot, Sex Bomb, and more.
This libido-driven personality is a remarkable singer and seductress and also has the power to propel red energy blasts from her hands. This hedonistic personality is a fickle one and usually shows up once or twice a week to make certain Kay has some fun from time to time and will often disappear quickly if unable to find anyone willing to play.

Jeann Pepper, aka: "Driver 8"
A composite of Driver 8, the Pointman, the Engineer, Pepper's Ghost, and more.
This personality is an expert driver and pilot. She can transform people into psychic energy and draw them into the network of Kay's 'Underground'. Driver 8 usually only takes dominance when she is called upon with a specific key word or in response to the Underground needing outside reinforcements. Driver 8 can interrupt control of any personality, even Jane or Jack, but only does so in emergencies and always for a short time as doing so would put her at risk of being captured by Jack.

So, what are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

M'gann M'orzz / Megan Morse

Wed Mar 7, 2018, 11:35 AM
Megan Morse (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Birth Name / Martian Identity
M'gann M'orzz

Legal Name / Human Identity
Megan Morse

Known Aliases
Miss Martian

J'onn J'onzz (Surrogate Uncle)
Garfield Logan (Surrogate Brother)

Manhunters: Deputy of J'onn J'onzz
"The Team": Founding Member, X-05
The Titans: Alumna

Date of Birth:
March 19th, 1946

Legal Date of Birth (as Morse):
March 19th, 1996


Ivy University

Marital Status
In a Relationship: L'gann

Residence (Primary)
Three Bedroom Apartment
Happy Harbor, RI
(shared with Cassandra Sandsmark and Courtney Whitmore)

Residence (Secondary) 
Mountain Cabin near Blue Valley, CO


Martian - Infected



Hair color
Bald (default)
Brown (as "Morse" and "Miss Martian")
Varies (Shapeshifter)

Eye color
Red (default)
Brown (as "Morse")
Varies (Shapeshifter)

7'7" / 2.31 m (default)
5'10" / 1.78 m (as Morse / Miss Martian)
Varies (Shapeshifter)

300 lbs. (default)
110 lbs. / 50 kg (as Morse / Miss Martian)
Varies (Shapeshifter)

1946 - 1989
M’gann M’orzz was born in a time when the Martian civil war between the Colonial and Insular factions was coming to an end. As a result, at a very young age, M’gann and her family were removed from their come colony in the Vega system and returned to Mars. En route to Mars, the Vega transport suffered instrument failure and ended off-course, crashlanding on Earth near Rosewell, New Mexico. Though, M’gann and many others were rescued and alter transported to Mars, M’gann must have caught some sort of bug from her short stay on Earth as from then on she was something of a Terraphile (if that’s even a real word. Y’know what, if it’s not, I don’t care. It is now!)

As M’gann grew up, she became more and more obsessed with the culture of Mars’ sister planet and as the Martians became more and more insolated and insular. M’gann became more of an outsider among her own people. This defiance was only a possibility due to M’gann’s own remarkable dormant psychic power which enabled her to resist the passive telepathic current of Martian society.

Due to Martians aging at a much different rate than humans, M’gann was an adolescent in the mid-80’s when she discovered “Hello Megan!”, a short-lived television sitcom rightfully taken off the air in the 1970’s. For whatever reason, M’gann became enamored with the series and would watch the show almost religiously, subconsciously creating herself a human persona that mirrored the show’s main character: Megan Wheeler (played by Marie Logan). When M’gann discovered that there was a Martian Manhunter that was becoming increasingly bothered by Martain isolation and prejudices, M’gann chose to stowaway aboard his ship on his return to Earth. Once discovered by the Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz, M’gann convinced her new caretaker that she could be of use. Sensing M’gann’s telepathic potency, J’onn agreed to allow her to take on an apprenticeship with him and deputized her as an assistant Manhunter.

Miss Martian [Titan] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
1989 - 2009
Missing Data

Miss Martian (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2009 - Present
Missing Data


Martian Physiology
Miss Martian has been described as "a living Swiss Army knife" as she possesses more abilities than Superman. M'gann's powers come from her alien physiology which seems to be composed of a complex molecular chain that resembles polymer bonds but with the ability to be altered at will. Miss Martian can change her mass, color, relative shape, imitating even clothing if desired. The biopolymer is extremely flexible, durable, incredibly strong for a biological material and relatively self-sustaining.
-Shape-Shifting/Malleability/Plasticity/Elongation: Arguably one of the most incredible powers possessed by M'gann is the ability to shape-shift. She is able to literally control the molecular structure of her body's biopolymers and manipulate them into any construct she desires, in addition to and including her own body. She can form clothing and weapons with non-moving or non-functioning parts. M'gann is particularly skilled at adopting the human form and has stood in as a double for many famous people (provided they are female as she has some difficulty assuming male form). Her ability to imitate people and their mannerisms has served her well. She is also able to change colors at will.
-Invisibility: M'gann can cause the biopolymers in her body to lose their ability to reflect light, rendering M'gann invisible to normal light and human sight.
-Density Control: 
By manipulating the density of her molecular bonds, M'gann can phase through solid matter. Likewise, the biomorphic structure of M'gann's body allows her to absorb almost all kinetic energies such as high caliber bullets, shrapnel, or flying debris easily. She can harden her biopolymers by rebinding them and increase her durability to the point where she is nearly on par with Superman. Along with her nigh-invulnerability, her shape shifting makes her even more difficult to harm. Hazardous environments practically do not affect Miss Martian. In addition, Miss Martian's immune system protects her from many toxins and diseases that are hazardous to other lifeforms.
-Superhuman Strength: Miss Martian is one of the strongest beings on the planet. Miss Martian's superhuman strength comes from her Biomorphic structure formed from immensely long and complex molecular chains and is further augmented with her psionic and telekinetic abilities allowing her to lift incredible weights without these weights crumbling under the stress. Miss Martian has been seen able to stalemate powerhouses like Superman, and has even drawn blood from beings as durable as Kryptonians with her punches alone. By modifying the density of these biopolymers, M'gann can make herself stronger by forcing them into tighter bundles. While at a resting state the limits of her strength are categorized as Enhanced Strength Class VI, thus able to lift 300 ton, she can increase ther to Class VIII or possibly beyond with exertion, making her even stronger than the likes of Superman when concentrating her biopolymers to their full capacity.
-Superhuman Stamina: M'gann's endurance is just as formidable as her strength and invulnerability. She can operate under extreme conditions for an indeterminate period of time without showing signs of fatigue.
-Regeneration: Miss Martian has shown amazing regenerative capabilities.
-Flight: By controlling her density, weight, and utilizing her telekinetic abilities, M'gann can combine all of these to give her the ability to fly great distances with little fatigue and at great speed. M'gann has also been seen flying in space with no difficulty and even in space. M'gann's maximum speed has been shown to be limited to Mach 1 (approximately 700 mph) but even then she rarely exercises such an ability for long distances, preferring to use a Javelin.
-Longevity: M'gann is over 70 years old and she still describes herself as 'a youth'. Apparently Martians are known to live in excess of 700 Earth years.


M'gann is an exceptionally gifted Martian mind mage and thus she is able to read the mind of nearly any human with no difficulties. She is able to read minds over great distances. In addition to reading minds, Miss Martian has a multitude of other telepathic capabilities, one of which allows her to literally reprogram the mind of a subject into believing whatever she wants them to. She can use ther ability to help subjects forget things that she does not want them to remember as well as set up post-hypnotic suggestions. Her "uncle" J'onn fears she has the most naturally powerful mind in existence.
-Telepathic Relay: Otherwise known as a telepathic link. M'gann is able to use her telepathic prowess as a relay station for a group of minds, who can then "speak" to each other through her. Ther relaying ability seems to be limited to the same range as M'gann's normal telepathic range.
-Telepathic Assault: Miss Martian can also use her telepathic abilities in an offensive manner. She has the ability to cause mental shutdown in a target using her psionic powers. M'gann does not use ther power often due to the invasive nature and harshness of such a telepathic attack.
-Thought Sensing: M'gann can use the mental signature of a being to track it and can detect life forms by their empathic as well as telepathic signatures. She can detect whether a being is intelligent or not, and can communicate with it empathically if it does not have a communication-driven frame of reference with which normal telepathy may function. She can also detect various states of mind from anywhere in the world.

M'gann possesses the ability to move objects with her mind. She prefers this to physical exertion and shown herself capable of shifting massive weights around for porlonged periods of time.

Martians enter a meditative state as a form of sleep.

Through her own life experience and telepathic training, M'gann is a gifted linguist and is able to learn an entire language within an hour.

Pop Culture
M'gann is a self-proclaimed expert on Earth culture and tends to keep up with a lot of the trends in pop culture.

Organic Clothing
M'gann wears organic clothing that can change size, shape and colour in response to her mental commands

M'gann's personal techno-organic ship used by the Team for transportation. While on standby, it resembles a giant egg. Once a Martian initializes it with a mental command, the Bio-Ship instantly morphs. The interior and exterior can be reconfigured to accommodate the situation, such as providing seats for extra passengers. The ship can activate a camouflage mode and become practically invisible.



Vulnerability to Fire
Miss Martian has an allergic reaction to fire and intense heat. Exposure to heat causes Martians to become stressed, fatigued, and delirious; and thus unable to utilize their abilities effectively. Direct exposure to fire or extreme heat will cause a Martian to lose her control over her biomorphic form, reverting into their natural form. M'gann is not only much more vulnerable in this form but also is prone to berzerker rage and cannibalistic hunger.

M'gann is infected with the White Martian virus. This is incurable and is only treated with powerful mental locks installed by J'onn J'onnz. If forced to revert to her infected form through extreme emotional duress, intense heat or fire, or through a potent telepathic attack M'gann will lose control of her shapeshifting and become extremely violent and angry, attacking friend and foe alike. 

Something within M'gann's physiology makes her addicted to the chemicals used in the Earth snack, Chocos. Withdrawal symptoms include violent bursts of rage and loss of intellect. Megan fortunately doesn't have this addiction but she does enjoy chocolate brownies.

Telepathic contact with a mind driven to insanity can cause a telepathic feedback effect that can have disastrous consequences for M'gann.





Having grown up watching Earth television, Megan was especially fond of Hello, Megan!, a comedy show that lasted only one season; she was drawn to the main character, Megan Wheeler, because of the similarity of their names, and because all her problems were solved in 22 minutes. When she took her first human form, her subconscious made her resemble the main character Megan Wheeler.

Still learning to use her potent telepathy effectively, M'gann picks up on 'emotional ambience'. Too many disruptive, negative, or hostile thoughts among friends tends to make M'gann herself become annoyed and puts her on edge, causing her to snap and yell, or even throw telekinetic tantrums. As a result of this, M'gann tries her best to quash angst and drama whenever she finds it developing among her friends and loved ones.

M'gann loves social media and texting. She is prone to using terms such as 'LOL', 'NSFW', or 'TBH' even in her verbal speech.

M'gann tends to snort whenever she is laughing. If Garfield is believed it's actually whenever she's laughing while also sexually aroused. Looking back at previous VOX recordings, I can see why Garf thinks this way. She snorted a lot when dating Conner.

M'gann chews bubblegum whenever she needs to help tune out her powers. She finds the constant chewing somehow disrupts her telepathic ability.

M'gann sneezes when she is nervous. Apparently this was something she psychsomatically developed as a result of an episode of Hello Megan!

M'gann is frustrated by profanity. Her left eye will usually twitch when is is forced to bear listening to such language.

M'gann becomes nervous when a lot of people are focusing on her, this usually distracts her to the point of becoming an absolute klutz that trips over her own feets, gets tongue-tied, and nervously chuckles at everything. In extreme situations, she will also literally turn pink in an extreme form of blushing.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman
The following are details about Star City, home of the Emerald Archer himself, as it exists within the Earth-27 continuity.

Dimensions: 237 Sq. Miles 
Population: 2,900,000
Named for: Colonel Jeb Star
Incorporated: December 2nd, 1817 (as Fort Plymouth), renamed Star City on August 3rd, 1897.
Highest Natural Elevation: 520 ft
Mayor: Frederick Tuckman (2014 - present)
            Preceded by: Oliver Queen (2010 - 2014)

  • Adams Heights
  • Aurora
  • Avalon Park
  • Blumebury
  • Brainerd
  • City Core
  • Clarenden Hills
  • Daleyville
  • Damen Hills
  • East Gary
  • Elgin
  • Glaberton
  • Glades
  • Hyde Park
  • Jackson Park
  • Lamb Valley
  • Lombard
  • Marquette
  • Near South
  • Oak Forest
  • Oldtown
  • Plesa Park
  • Saulk Village
  • Seaview
  • South Shore
  • Tesserville
  • "The Swamp"
  • Villa Park
  • Westchester
  • Wriggleyville

Dimensions: 5,872 sq mi
Population: 5,798,902

Colonel Jeb Star founded the territory of Fort Plymouth in the year 1817. In the early half of the 19th century, Fort Plymouth grew into a prosperous trading community luring prospectors all the way from Canada to ply their trades. With the establishment of the continental railroad system in the 1860s, Fort Plymouth developed into a thriving lumber town and in the wake of its deforestation, it grew into a cattle town with large ranches, slaughterhouses, and stockyards.

1897 was the year of the "Great Fire". It earned this appellation when a stockyard smokehouse was set ablaze, burning most of Fort Plymouth to the ground. Developers and architects, mostly led by the Davis, Dover, Queen, and Broderick families, rebuilt the city into a living symbol of modernism and named it after it's founding father, Jeb Star.

In recent years, Star City has become the scene of several major upheavals. In the early 2000s, it was one of the cities to become home to the sudden appearance of masked crimefighters. The hero known as Green Arrow appeared as a result of the city's raid spike in violent crime. This vigilante was soon joined by another, the siren known as Black Canary, and the two's obvious romantic chemistry endeared them to the hearts of the public. Though the two were still officially hunted by SCPD, their legend proved beneficial to their cause and earned them some slack. It was only in 2004 that the federal government acknowledged both heroes as official crimefighters with the JLA initiative and SCPD even dedicated a special unit of green and black-uniformed officers to respond to situations to provide back-up for the Emerald Archer and his leather-clad lover.

In 2007, Star City's Glades neighborhood was the target of a terrorist attack where an artificial earthquake brought massive devastation and death to the area. Green Arrow and the SCPD were taxed sorely trying to contain the problem. Star City's mayor was also tortured to death on live television by a band of escaped convicts and shortly after Oliver Queen announced his intentions to run for mayor he was attacked in his own home by masked criminals and left to die inside his family home as it was set ablaze. Both Mr. Queen and Star City would survive this attack but Queen chose not to pursue the election.

In 2009, however, Mr. Queen again ran for public office and won.

Then in the midst of Oliver Queen's re-election campaign in 2013, an occultist known as Albert Davis was tricked by the Riddler into tapping the dark magic generated by his ancestors' secret shaping of Star City into an occult conduit. In so doing, Davis accidentally unleashed a horde of demons upon Star City led by the notorious Trigon. This proved to be a trial by fire for the re-established Justice League and after weeks of battling and waves of heroes coming to Star City's aid, the curse was lifted by the Green Arrow killing Albert Davis whose own lifeforce turned out to be the key needed to seal gateway he had opened. This event would play a major part in the Justice League's decision to create a splinter team dedicated to handling occult threats such as this.

Following this devastation, Oliver Queen's name was still on the ballot, but his heart was not in it. Shortly after winning the election, he announced he would resign and let his Deputy Mayor Frederick Tuckman take office. Oliver Queen then dedicated himself to using his company's fortune to bolstering Star City's development and restructuring. Mayor Tuckman has proved to be Star City's most popular mayor and is expected to win his re-election campaign in November. Much of Tuckman's success has been in further embracing the sentinel of Star City, the Green Arrow, and working closely with local businesses in a economy and cultural boosting movement spearheaded by Queen Consolidated.

The Gangs of Star City

Hard Knocks

Danny "Brick" Brickwell was originally a low-level henchman/enforcer for various mobsters in Star City and also ran his own street gang. However, he had a brilliant criminal mind and higher aspirations to go with it. In the wake of the metahuman criminals springing up, he began to expand his gang's criminal activities, particularly drug sales, into areas left vacant by other criminal organizations. Brick succeeded in uniting the various street gangs of Star City under his leadership under the banner of the 'Gang of Hard Knocks'. Then in the aftermath of the Undertaking, these low-level criminals, who had previously been denied access to many lucrative areas by the more "up-market" mafiosos, became an overnight crime syndicate with greater manpower and resources than the now greatly weakened traditional organized crime families. Then later after Trigon rained chaos and death upon Star City, Brick grew rose like the phoenix from the ashes and made himself the undisputed king of Star City's underworld.

Ninth Circle

This mysterious criminal brokerage group is rumored to be headquartered in Star City.


Holistic Integration for Viral Equality

Whatever their end goal is, the HIVE is seemingly dedicated to Earth being made better through the process of accelerated human evolution, by whatever means necessary: technological, biological, chemical, metaphysical, magical, etc. Queen Bee is the founder of the organization and her seven-member inner circle consists of Brother BloodFang Zhifu, Damien Dahrk, Terrence Thirteen, Naif Al-Sheikh, Penelope Lord, and Psycho Pirate. Also of note are the Queen's right-hand man Psimon and the Queen's Guard (aka: The Fearsome Five) consisting of Mr. Numerous, Gizmo, Mammoth, Shimmer, and Jinx. It is also worth noting that at some point in the 80s, Slade Wilson was a member of the HIVE but due to a falling out, instead decided to join the League of Assassins, which has been both an ally and enemy of HIVE.

The League of Assassins

Ra's al Ghul runs this organization which has existed for six hundred years. Ra's is known as "The Demon's Head" and in turn, his daughters Talia and Nyssa are known as the White Hand and Black Hand, respectively.The League has grown so large that it encompasses many other organizations. Talia oversees the League's White Glove faction, which handles practical matters, and has grown so large that many call it The Leviathan. Nyssa's Black Glove is more esoteric and detached and also see to the cultivation and security of Ra's al Ghul's most treasured possessions: the Lazarus Pits. By far one of the most powerful criminal enterprises in the world, the League employs legions of assassins and mercenaries with only the most skilled and talented joining the ranks of its inner circle: Deathstroke, El Penitente, Bane, Copperhead, Cheshire, Shado, The Magician, Sportsmaster, David Cain, Lady Shiva, Dr. Poison, El Flamingo, Jane Doe, Komodo, and more still are all highly capable and serious threats, most of them with direct ties to Gotham and intimate knowledge of Batman's secret identity (which they are forbidden to act on by decree from Ra's al Ghul himself).
Ras Al Ghul (E27: Enhanced) commission by phil-cho  Talia Al Ghul by phil-cho  Red  Claw (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho  Deathstroke commission by phil-cho  Bane On the Loose by phil-cho  Copperhead by phil-cho  Cheshire (E27: Enhanced) commission by phil-cho  David Cain commission by phil-cho  Lady Shiva (E-27: Enhanced) commission by phil-cho  El Flamingo by phil-cho  Jane Doe by phil-cho
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Dimensions 1,337 sq. mi
Population 3,292,016

Dimensions 5,872 sq mi
Population 5,798,902

Dimensions 4,244 sq mi
Population 4,910,628


Dimensions 3,318 sq mi
Population 18,271,1939

Dimensions 4,253 sq miles
Population 20,821,937

Dimensions 8,458 sq mi
Population 4,186,800
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Despoina - RELEASED
Broken Book Heretic
Broken Book Zealot
Hades (Classical)
Amphitrite (Classical)

Tatiana Forcier

Fri Feb 23, 2018, 11:44 AM

Tatiana Forcier (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

Legal Name

Tatiana Forcier (née Janvier)

Known Aliases

Lacene Guillory (Cover Name), Mystic, Euyun Batini (League Title), Mystical Eyes (Translation of League Title)


Monique Forcier (Spouse)


League of Assassins: Member

Lamda Psi Sorority: Chapter Chaperone

Date of Birth

October 3rd, 1990


Fortune Teller



Marital Status

Married: Monique Forcier (Wife)

Residence (Primary)

Lamda Psi Sorority House

512 University Row

Burnside, Gotham City, NJ

Residence (Secondary)

Mobile - League of Assassins








Hair Color


Eye Color



5' 11" / 1.8 m


142 lbs /65 kg

1990 - 2006

I should begin by saying much of what I am about to say concerning the background of this mysterious woman has been unverified, most likely due to a cover-up by Tatiana herself or her benefactors in the League of Assassins. I do not know her surname prior to her marriage and I have my doubts as to Tatiana being her real given name. But let's just begin, shall we? 

Suposedly Tatiana is the daughter of an engineer and medical researcher from Grenoble, France. At a young age, her meta-gene activated and though she tried to hide the fact that she was developing psychic powers, it was not difficult for people to ascertain that something was off and unsettling about young Tatiana.

While the family was visiting family in England, Tatiana lashed out at her cousin for calling her a freak. Not intending anything more than a cruel remark, Tatiana told her cousin to go kill himself and her nascent powers opened the young boy's mind, overwhelming his self-preservation instincts, and caused him to take a running leap out the window of his family's fifth story apartment.

The police did not believe Tatiana's story and she was tried for her cousin's murder, but on grounds of her aparent mental instability she was sent to Ravenscar Secure Hospital to serve out her sentence. Except, she never arrived there, The van transporting her to the facility was stopped by The Swiss and two associates who needed to infiltrate the mental asylum. Tatiana was left alive but bound and due to crew's need to make a quick escape, she was abducted. When the assassins learned of her abilities they decided to bring her back to Ra's.

Interested in the girl, Ra's gave her to El Penitente who performed a number of experiments on her, strengthening her psychic abilities and using he aura to enrich her cells and augment her psysique to superb leves. Eventually, Nyssa al Ghul decided that El Penitente's pet needed to be utilized and sent Tatiana into training, where she struggled.

But fortune smiled on Tatiana as she found another psychic fledgling among her pack that needed help with her powers. The fledgling was named Monique and the two partnered up.

2006 - Present
(Coming Soon)


Tatiana shares the cosmological markers of other Artifacts.

Tatiana is a capable telepath and is considered a prodigy, even among the League of Assassins' most prominent telepathic minds. Tatiana has an incredible working knowledge of the average humanoid brain and the specific functions of each part.
-Telepathic Communication: Tatiana can read peoples' minds in detail, either by consciously willing it or by mentally picking up their stray thoughts. Via her telepathy, she can also send messages into the minds of others, sounding like her own voice inside their heads, or place knowledge of certain things into people's minds. Using a combination of these methods, she can interpret unknown alien languages. To those she is most familiar with, Tatiana can send messages or establish mental contact at considerable distances.
-Telepathic Cloak: Tatiana can mask her presence and the use of her abilities from being detected by other telepaths and psychic entities. Se can extend these defenses to others around her as well.
-Telepathic Illusions: By flooding the mind of others with false sensory data, Tatiana can create illusions or even implant false memories. While trapping a victim in a loop or static environment is easy and instantaneous, fashioining 'living' illusions requires a great deal of Tatiana's concentration.
-Mind Control: By asserting her own consciousness into the minds of others, Tatiana can mentally possess others. By fragmenting portions of her own mental consciousness, she can retain control of her own body and control up to five others in this manner.
-Psionic Blast: By flooding the mind of a target with her a cocktail of her own life's past emotional trauma and torment, Tatiana can cause another to suffer a breakdown through psychic onslaught.
-Aura Reading: Usually practicing this ability through tarot cards, Tatiana is able to interesting facts about a person's history, powers, and more. This ability requires Tatiana to have some sort of focus, whether it be the actual person present for her ritual, a possession that once belonged to them, or Tatiana having recently encountered them.
-Psychic Surgery: Through her psychic abilities, Tatiana is able to diagnose whatever ails a person's body by tapping into their subconscious and overriding their pain receptors to numb their pain. She can also merge her own aura with her patient, feeding their aura psychic energy or vital life force to sustain the patient and prevent them from death. While performing this feat, Tatiana is in a trance-like state as her mind taps into the skills and knowledge of the best surgeon or physician within hundreds of miles of her location.

Occult Resistance
Tatiana has shown herself to be considerably immune to occult and psychic means of persuasion and manipulation. Magic attacks often become inert when in contact with her considerably potent aura.

Physical Condition
Having trained with the League of Assassins, Tatiana is in exceptional shape and highly athletic.

Having travelled the world since a young age, Tatiana is an exceptionally gifted linguist. Her mental abilities have helped her master languages at exceptionally rapid speeds. 

Martial Arts
Tatiana is an exceptionally gifted fighter, though not as exceptional as many of the League's martial artists. Tatiana's style is a blend of Savate, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Krav Maga.


Overstimulation of her powers can cause Tatiana to suffer debilitating migraines. Exposure to bright lights, loud or overlapping sounds, or extreme temperatures can cause her powers to be inaccessible or uncontrollable, or even cause her to bleed from eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, or even lose consciousness and slip into a catatonic state.

Not afraid to throw a punch or even cause debilitating injuries to those she needs to, Tatiana is however afraid of killing. The last time she killed someone, she slipped into a coma for thirteen months and awoke later to find that the ghost of the deceased was eternally bound to her. Supposedly her childhood cousin's ghost also haunts her.

Loved Ones
Tatiana is emotionally vulnerable due to her love of Monique Forcier, and to a lesser extent Monique's comrades Emma and Rina. If they are put in jeopardy, Tatiana could be blackmailed or forced to surrender herself. However, I advise caution with exploitation of this as Tatiana is a trained assassin with potent psychic abilities. You threaten someone she loves, she might be willing to risk another coma to know they are safe.


Tatiana enjoys pantomimes and actually thinks mimes are enjoyable entertainment. She tends to tip those with donation bowls quite handsomely and will watch them, as well as other street performers, for as long as she as has idle time.

Tatiana is a luddite. While she can do basic computer operation and has a smart phone, she refuses social media and buys her books in print. She also rarely has her phone actually on her person except when away from home.

Tatiana has a knack for women's clothing sizes and is usually able to guess the exact clothing size for women with nothing more than a long glance. She also enjoys dressing friends up in clothing and tends to buy an excessive amount of clothing in all sizes just for the purpose of giving away clothing whenever she makes a new friend who is 'perfect' for these clothes or in need of a fashion makeover.

Tatiana is a great dancer.

Sometimes Tatiana can be heard talking to herself. In truth, she is talking to two wayward ghosts that haunt her. She has acutally managed to make peace with them and is quite friendly with them. Both have been dead for a number of years, however and have little in the way of human personality except in the rare lucid moment so most of the time they are quiet and just linger around Tatiana apparently.

Tatiana's claims to not be a fan of lobster, but secretly loves it. She only indulges in treating herself to a lobster dinner every so often when her wife is away on a mission.

Tatiana takes heavy sleeping medication to allow her to sleep at night as she suffers from acute insomnia, but as she fears her past as an assassin may come back to haunt her while she sleeps, she'll only resort to medication if her wife is around. Otherwise, she either goes without sleep or use a special lined sensory deprivation tank to block out her psychic senses.

In her personal life, Tatiana is a child rights activist. I have my theories that she may have requested her wife's extralegal services in a few instances where an abusive parent went missing in and around areas where Tatiana was living at the time.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Litany of the Olympian Court

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 21, 2018, 5:17 PM
The Neonomikon, Volume 2

by Clio, Muse of History

Monarch of Haven
The appointer ruler of the Olympian Pantheon

Heralds of the Throne
Those given right to speak in Zeus' name and act in his stead

Quorum of the Elders
An archaic governing body, rarely exercised

The Olympian Council of Twelve
The primary governing body for matters deemed critical to the pantheon

Keepers of the Realms
Those given domain over specific divisions and the divine entities that dwell therein

Official tiebreaker for the Council of Twelve and overseer of Nektar

Natural Order
Representatives of the entities overseeing Elysium's environment


Neonomikon - Zeus

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 21, 2018, 4:27 PM
The Neonomikon, Volume 2

by Clio, Muse of History

Zeus (NeOlympus) commission by phil-cho

Divine Monarch
Giver of Signs
God of Authority
God of Seasons
God of Weather
Jupiter (Roman name)
Keeper of the Thunderbolt
King of Olympus
Master of the Divine Throne

Kronos (spirit father)
Rhea (spirit mother)
Unknown mortal father
Unknown mortal mother

Metis (first wife, deceased)
Hera (current wife)


Athena (legitimate daughter)
Ares (legitimate son)
Hephaestus (legitimate son)
Hebe (legitimate daughter)
Artemis (acknowledged daughter)
Apollo (acknowledged son)
Hermes (acknowledged son)
Ilithyia (wife's progeny)
Enyo (wife's progeny)

A Brief History:
Zeus never wanted to be the king of the gods, at first. As the Titans’ voice, Zeus was content to wander the Earth, tell a few stories, make an announcement here and there, and make use of his position and the powers he had been given to secure lodging, ale, and company wherever he went.

As the Six began to show signs of rebellion, Kronos locked them in Tartarus, one by one. Where Hestia was altruistic, Hades dutiful, Demeter endearing, Poseidon vengeful, and Hera scheming; Zeus was selfish. He never had intents of overthrowing his creators and was likely to have continued his whoring and roaming for centuries.

But Kronos sought to guarantee Zeus‘ loyalty and gave him the most beautiful being of the time, the Titan Metis, to have as a wife. Zeus loved Metis so much that he did what he never thought he could: he changed.

When this act failed to ease Kronos’ concerns and upon hearing that Zeus and Metis were expecting a child, Kronos locked away the pregnant Metis, while Zeus fled into hiding, with Rhea‘s help.

It was Kronos’ paranoia and Rhea’s curiosity that made Zeus the reluctant founder of the Olympian revolt and put him on the path of ascension to the Divine Throne. By the time, Zeus struck down Kronos, he had tasted what true power felt like and he hoped he would never lose it.

Having lost Metis, Zeus slipped back into his philandering and though he justified it at first as ‘breeding an army’, Zeus still longed to be reminded of what true love felt like. Because of this, Zeus fell victim to the charms of Hera. Yet, when Hera’s love turned from Zeus and to their children, Zeus slipped back into his philandering, looking for comfort. 

As king, Zeus split his time between tending to the affairs of Olympus and having affairs on Earth. He was a kind father, taking great pride in the accomplishments of his divine and heroic children. Zeus was even fond of his nephew Dionysus‘ creation of wine, which Zeus would come to rely on often when depressed.

In Elysium, Zeus continues to rule from his throne and roam the lands in equal measure. Zeus uses his time among the mortals to assess the need for seasonal change and gauge his subjects’ loyalty.

In recent days, Zeus has become most concerned with the rumors he has been hearing of the Broken Book’s circulation.

Elder God
The sixth being endowed with Titanic essence and made immortal, Zeus had his natural charisma enhanced to paranormal levels, which he put to use as the Titans’ mouthpiece. When his spirit siblings were imprisoned, Zeus went into hiding and honed his powers, until he was powerful enough to free others of his kind and overthrow the Titans 

Master of the Divine Throne
In the early days of Olympian reign, Zeus’ efforts were awarded by giving him the throne of Haven. When it came time to properly divide their spoils, Zeus leveraged his power (and the votes of his many, many children) to make his position more permanent. With the throne, Zeus is able to strip gods of their essences and issue the divine decrees which the lesser gods and spirits are bound to obey.

God of Authority
The first gift the Titans gave Zeus made him irresistibly charming, able to easily persuade mortal minds. Through practice, Zeus found a way to use this power to become a masterful shapeshifter. After overthrowing the Titans, Zeus developed the ability to grant a small token of this power to loyal mortals, giving them divine right to rule as kings so long as they reigned righteously and justly.

God of Seasons
When Zeus struck down Kronos, the Titan’s Essence of Time was damaged and became fused with Zeus. With this flawed essence, Zeus lacks the true command over time but retains the power to determine when the seasons change.

God of Weather
Zeus has full control over rain, thunder, lightning, wind, and other meteorological phenomena. Zeus can even fire lightning from his hands.

King of Olympus
Zeus is the anointed ruler of the Olympian Court, the chief god of the pantheon, and the master of divine throne. 

Keeper of the Thunderbolt
Zeus can direct lightning through this Cyclopsian relic to magnify its power to such potency that it can smite a god with a direct hit. It is also a Divine Key, able to access the many Divine Realms.

Classical Zeus commission by phil-cho

The Neonomikon

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 3:26 PM
The Neonomikon, Volume 2

by Clio, Muse of History


Accord: Any secret sworn in Persephone's name. Violation of one is heresy, except when commanded to divulge secrets by order of the divine or when under Holy Tribunal.
Aerochute:A parachute.
The food of the gods and the sustenance for their essence. Ambrosia is actually a by-product of the worship crystallization process. Gathered psychic energy (often called 'worship') when condensed into crystalline form excretes a waxy residue. This residue if left in a cool, humid, and dark environment creates glowing white mushrooms known which is Ambrosia. The gods partake of Ambrosia in a multitude of ways, from eating it plain or baked, chopping it into morsels or wafers, brewing it into a glaze or sauce to cover mortal cuisine, or even sprinkle it over their Nektar.
Aperture: A camera.
Arete: A god's exceptional ability to have mastered a particular skill, study, or craft to the point of perfection or preternatural finesse.
Ascension Anchor: A massive construct created through arcane means by Hephaestus that metaphysically bonds an Ascension chain to another Ascension Anchor on a different a dimensional plane. The Anchors are also gateways into the aether and allow transport from one Anchor to the other.
Ascension Chain: A massive chain created through arcane means by Hephaestus. These chains bridge the gap between two Ascension Anchors and allow travel from one plane to another.

Broken Book: A heretical movement. Also known as the Apocryphal Order. Not much is known about them, except that they recruit zealots from lesser heretical clubs and secret societies. They oppose the Faith and their gods, slay heroic mortals which they call 'false-prophets', and have been known to hunt nymphs and satyrs, seemingly for sport.

Carbine: The Elysian equivalent of a gun. Generally a catch-all term for a ranged weapon. May refer to a pistol (or just called a pistol or hand carbine) but usually refers to a rifle. Other variations include the long carbine or longshot (sniper rifle), hotshot (flamethrower), slugger (shotgun), and repeater (machine gun). Due to the price, complexity, and overall poor reliability of these weapons in Elysium, they are generally not used by common folk or national militaries; instead being exclusively carried by the elite and private security forces.
Chalicers: Also called 'Cupbearers', these are the priests initiated into the 'Sworn Service of Hebe, Cupbearer of the Gods' through an intimate ritual and marked by a curved golden tattoo on their forehead. This is not one of the orders of the Faith's clergy that an initiate can swear themselves into service of upon entry, it is an order of prestige, marking on as a chosen of the gods and allowing them to not only handle Nektar or Ambrosia, but also gives them an elevated status.
Chaos Gem: Crystallized psychic energy endowed with entropic energy, radiating chaotic essence. Very dangerous. Often harvested from the decayed husks of the most vicious monsters.
Council of the Twelve: The highest court in Elysium made up of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Dionysus. Its decisions are regarded as the word of divine law throughout Elysium and can only be challenged or overturned by the Quorum of the Six. While it was originally built to only oversee mortal affairs, it has become the predominant ruling authority as the Quorum of the Six rarely meets. While the Council Chamber does have twelve thrones, any decision made by a simple majority of any meeting with seven or more members is considered to be valid.

Decree: An order issued from the Throne of Olympus and broadcast to the Grand Temples of the land. Usually these are announcements of a sort but can often constitute a new holy law that all nations and people must heed. Decrees come in three levels, a Divine Decree is issued by Zeus (or Hera acting in his stead). A Divine Decree is only overruled by a True Divine Decree made by the Twelve, which is then only able to be challenged by a Celestial Decree issued by the Quorum of the Six.
Deep Druids: These are the dark robed clergy that operates the Underworld Gates. Officially they are known as the 'Sworn Service of Hades, God of Death and Lord of the Deep'.
Demichor: The blood of demigods, nymphs, and satyrs that lack any true immortality. Demichor is usually a bright red color or sometimes black color.
Demigod: Once the mortal offspring of god and mortal, but now a subclass of mortal who received a heroic soul of a demigod and is thus capable of essence manipulation.

Entitlement: The stripped essence of a Titan soul which constitutes refined essence dedicated to a particular paradigm. When fused to a god, Titan, or other divinity it gives them extensive powers tied to that paradigm, essentially giving them unchallenged dominance in that field. 
Essence: Psychic energy which has taken on an elemental quality or is being actively used by a being or force.
Exaltation: The process by which a mortal is infused with the Titanic essence of one Titan and the Titanic soul of another to create a god.

The Faith: The short name for the only accepted religion of Elysium.

God: The creations of the Titans originally, created by the Titans infusing their own power into mortal followers. Later, the gods became their own race by breeding amongst themselves and with the nymphs.
Godling: A young god child of natural birth who is too young to survive essence infusion.

Haven: The transdimensional structure which is home to the Olympians. Formerly it was the headquarters of the Titans and the Primordials before them.
Holy Tribunal: The court of the Faith, overseen by a heroic judge, high priest, or any divinity. It is the only court which can try violators for heresy.

Ichor: The divine equivalent of blood. With an amber-gold color, it burns with pure life essence.
Imperial: In reference to the Empire of Sparta. Can refer to a citizen, a soldier, or used as an adjective for that which belongs to Sparta.

Light-Capture: A photographic image stored on capture still paper by use of lumino film and an aperture.

Natural Order: The court of the Mother of Nature, Nature Gods, and the respective leaders among the tribes of Nymphs, Satyrs, Centaurs, and other beings. Not recognized as an official authority by any mortal kingdom, it is highly respected by the Faith and it often receives the support of Haven. 
Nektar: The drink of the gods and the sustenance for their eldritch bodies. Nektar is created from collected psychic energy condensed into crystalline form. These crystals are taken to the Haven and given to the Thriae. The Thriae are nymphs able to shape into swarms of bees and convert the psychic energy into Nektar. Once correctly produced and settled, the Nektar is collected by the minor god Aristaeus, who works with Dionysus to ship the Nektar to the Temples and other areas where immortals can receive their needed rations. The finest selection from each batch is sent to Hebe.
Nymphs: God-like beings of varying power and elemental affinity. They are the caretakers of Elysium who live in a symbiotic relationship with the environment around them and whose auras can store excess psychic energy generated by mortals for the gods to later collect. Most nymphs are mortal but their progenitors and greatest leaders are immortal beings known as Okeanides.

Okeanides: The mothers and progenitors of the vast majority of the Nymph tribes. They were born of the Titans Okeanos and Tethys fusing their bodies together and then pledged themselves to doing the work of Gaia. They swore loyalty to Zeus and his Olympians in exchange for him rescuing Gaia from the Titans. Later, Gaia passed their loyalty on to Demeter and told her servants to follow the pantheon to Elysium.

Primordials: The creators of the Titans. An ancient race of dimensional travelers and researchers. Most notable among them were Ouranos and Gaia. Eventually, the Titans overthrew them, slew Ouranos, and kept Gaia prisoner.

Quorum of the Six: A presiding council constituting Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Hades, and Hestia. Usually summoned to determine needs specific to the Divine. Often has the same powers of the Council of the Twelve, but is usually regarded as the obsolete ruling body of Haven.

Republican: In reference to the Republic of New Athens. Can refer to a citizen, soldier, or used as an adjective for that which belongs to Athens.

Sacrifice: The considerable release of psychic energy of a being at the moment of their death. This release can be further enhanced through ritual preparation done by a divinity, priest, or devout worshiper. This practice is usually only done on animals, but the Deep Druids do perform self-sacrifice rituals for willing suicidal or mortally ill mortals and most nations practice sacrificial preparation prior to state-sponsored executions. In times of war, Deep Druids often walk among the aftermath of a battlefield offering their merciful services to any wishing it performed.
Satyr: The male equivalent of a nymph, these diminutive beings look like a combination of boy and goat. They do not share the nymph's symbiotic relationship with the environment but usually live among nature as protectors, companions, and servants of nymphs and other divinities. Satyrs usually serve the Okeanide that oversees whichever nymph tribe they choose to live among, but Pan is the God of Satyrs and all are expected to offer him the proper respect.
Silver: The standard accepted payment of Elysium, usually in the form of coins, slats, or bars. A silver coin is usually placed under the tongue or in the pocket of a corpse in order to pay Charon, the Ferryman of the Dead, for passage to judgment.

Talos Lens: A device that harnesses the power of crystallized essence, converting it into a focused beam of the appropriate essence. Often crudely used as a weapon for destructive purposes, but can also be found being used by Elysium's finest hospitals, clinics, factories, and laboratories.
Templars: The militant class of soldiers and guardians belonging to the Faith, usually stationed in the Great Temples for protection and enforcement of Holy Decrees. Their order's full name is the "Swords Sworn in Service of Ares, Protector of the Divine Temples, and Athena, Guardian of the Faith"
Titan: The incredibly powerful beings created by the Primordials to aid them in their research. These beings received much of their immense power due to the fact that they each contained a multitude of souls.

Worship: Residual psychic energy generated by mortal minds actively thinking about a divine being which is then collected through an Ascension Anchor and sent directly to the Olympian stores or captured in altars or the auras of nature spirits and divinities until gathered by a passing Solar or Lunar Chariot which is fitted with a worship reservoir and receiver.



An Accounting of Aphrodite by Roysovitch

Mature Content

Neonomikon - Aphrodite by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Apollo by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Apollo by Roysovitch


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An Accounting of Hebe by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Hebe by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Hephaestus by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Hephaestus by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Hera by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Hera by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Hermes by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Hermes by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Hestia by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Hestia by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Iris by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Iris by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Persephone by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Persephone by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Poseidon by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Poseidon by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Triton by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Triton by Roysovitch


An Accounting of Zeus by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Zeus by Roysovitch Neonomikon - Zeus

Divine Monarch
Giver of Signs
God of Authority
God of Seasons
God of Weather
Jupiter (Roman name)
Keeper of the Thunderbolt
King of Olympus
Master of the Divine Throne
Kronos (spirit father)
Rhea (spirit mother)
Unknown mortal father
Unknown mortal mother
Metis (first wife, deceased)
Hera (current wife)
Athena (legitimate daughter)
Ares (legitimate son)
Hephaestus (legitimate son)
Hebe (legitimate daughter)
Artemis (acknowledged daughter)
Apollo (acknowledged son)
Hermes (acknowledged son)
Ilithyia (wife's progeny)
Enyo (wife's progeny)
A Brief History:
Zeus never wanted to be the king of the gods, at first. As the Titans’ voice, Zeus was content to wander the Earth, tell a few stories, make an announcement here and there, and make use of his position and the powers he had been given to se

The following portraits are awaiting sponsorship at

Classical Demeter
Classical Hestia
(More classicals will open up later)


Charopeia the Maenad - Festive Nymphs
Electra the Aurae - Leader of the Wind Nymphs
Kheiron the Centaur - Leader of the Centaurs
Thetis the Oceanid - Eldest of the Great Nymphs
Orphne the Lampade - Leader of the Underworld Nymphs
Cabiri - "Mechanymphs"


Freelander Male
Freelander Female
Republican Male
Republican Female
Imperial Male
Imperial Female
Corinthian Male
Corinthian Female

The Hydra
The Chimera

Broken Book Zealot
Imprisoned Titan 1
Imprisoned Titan 2
Imprisoned Titan 3
Imprisoned Titan 4

These are not the full extent of those I wish to see brought to life, merely the ones most crucial to the story's narrative at this time.
So it has been a while since I did a dedicated, full-on NeOlympus journal. I've got a few ideas for some journals to do: the Broken Book, Heroes, Monsters, and some short story ideas, but I felt that this one was the most important to lay out the foundation to build on and to give readers a functioning understanding of what kinds of gods there are in NeOlympus and what they can do.

So, without much more, let's just jump into it.

Elder God: This is the term used for Zeus and his five spiritual siblings: Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hera. Technically, this is also the race of Aphrodite, Leto, and Thaumas and others, but generally only the six heirs of Kronos and Rhea are given the title of "Elder God" as a sign of respect with the others called anything from "Titanspawn", "Chosen", and more. It's difficult to actually define them as a particular race as each Titan was so wildly different in their metaphysical genetics that each of their respective heirs varied so wildly, but usually they were pretty similar in how they were created so that remains the classifying qualifier of this species.
Elder Gods were born mortal beings who underwent a process known as exaltation in which they were placed in vat in the haven and exposed to the essence of two Titans. One Titan patron was the endowing Titan, who had one of their souls (Titans had multiple souls) taken from them and bound to the mortal soul, giving them some preternatural ability while the other Titan patrons stabilized that essence infusion by transfusing the mortal's blood with the Titans' blood, known as ichor and thus granting them immortality. The exact process for how this was performed known only to the daughters of Gaia and has since been lost, with only a few surviving Titans in Tartarus knowing the secret for creation of such powerful beings.
Elder Gods have physically stronger, faster, and more resilient than mortals. Due to the chaotic and mutable Titanic essence in their bodies, they can shapeshift with practice and can even cause curse lesser (usually mortal) beings to mutate into monsters or beasts if they exert themselves.
Elder Gods are weak against adamant weapons as such weaponry contaminates their ichor, causing them great pain and weakening them if such weapons pierce their flesh. Though not always fatal, wounds caused by adamant weapons do not regenerate as fast and a mortal blow caused by adamantine weapons can fell a god.

This is a being born of two immortal parents. They can easily be infused with Titanic essence to make them more powerful, but unlike Elder Gods, they do not have a Titanic soul and therefore can only hold so much Titanic essence, especially when multiple essence isn't complimentary with one another.
Gods are faster, stronger, and more resilient than mortals but typically are not as strong or resilient as Elder Gods. Though some gods can shapeshift, with the right essence infused in them, most rely on an effect known as 'glamour' in which they fashion a magical disguise known as a 'trapping'. Trappings take different forms based on the type of essence used to fashion the glamour effect. For instance, as God of Thieves, Hermes could make a thief trapping in which mortal minds would perceive him to be a stereotypical thief and as long as he did not do anything to make anyone question the validity of his disguise, the trapping would be a perfect disguise and that no one would question.
Like most beings which ichor in place of blood, they are also weak against adamant weapons as such weaponry contaminates their ichor, causing them great pain and weakening them if such weapons pierce their flesh. Though not always fatal, wounds caused by adamant weapons do not regenerate as fast and a mortal blow caused by adamantine weapons can fell a god.
Gods are further different from Elder Gods in that they were never mortal. This is mostly a psychological effect, giving most of them a strange fascination with mortals and making them very curious as to what mortality would be like, often holding much more romanticized ideas about mortality than Elder Gods who usually have a better understanding of the harsh reality of being mortal and vulnerable. This lack of mortality also makes gods more adventurous than their Elder God counterparts.

Nymph & Satyr:
These distinctly different beings are actually an extreme example of sexual dimorphism as they respectively represent the female and male biologies of the same race. Further making these beings unique, is that the females come in wildly different races and subspecies, while the male satyrs only come in three forms: the meadow, forest, and mountain satyr. One distinguishing characteristic common to nearly all members of their race is an accelerated libido and sex drive.
Further causing a divide among their race is that Nymphs and Satyrs can be immortal and mortal. While only a single immortal satyr remains in existence (Pan), there are dozens of immortal nymphs. The immortal nymphs are usually relics from the first or second generation, created by the Primordials or Titans, and they are usually highly venerated in Elysium, taking on leadership roles among their kind.
Possessing highly mutable metaphysical genetics, nymphs and satyrs are able to procreate with a number of beings to produce offspring. When they mate with one another or with mortals, the offspring is a nymph or satyr. If they mate with a dominant metaphysical species such a god the offspring can be a demigod or even a new god (if both parents were immortal).
Powers and abilities of these creatures varies by race, but typically nymphs possess elemental powers. So powerful is the elemental power of a nymph is that they can survive simply on the ambient essence of their home biome and do not require any other sustenance. Meanwhile, Satyrs are intuitive psychics that make excellent trackers and guides and have super sharp senses. Satyrs do require sustenance and are actually possessed of rather large appetites and are prone to overeating and other forms of excessive lifestyle if left to their own devices. Satyrs are also typically opinionated and critical, but in a lighthearted way which is where the term 'satire' comes from; meanwhile, nymphs are usually much more free-spirited and accepting of differing world-views.
Nymphs and Satyrs can be felled by mortal weaponry. If immortal, they share the gods' weakness to adamant.
Divine beings born of nymph mothers, such as Hermes, Athena, and Triton, usually have an affinity for manipulating raw elemental essence. This is affinity is something which is worth mentioning as there are a number of artifacts created for the Titans that even most Elder Gods cannot master these treasures as they lack the raw elemental affinity to use these. An example of these relics is the Talaria which require a being capable of making rapid manipulations to the air essence around them to safely fly at rapid speeds.

Demigod: While technically these are usually just categorized as "heroes" by Elysians, these beings do carry a distinction in that there is essence infused into their soul, even after reincarnation that grants these beings a supernatural ability or divinely exceptional skill. Examples of this are Hercules' strength, Atalanta's speed, and so forth.
On Earth, demigods were typically the result of a god or other divine being coupling with a mortal. On Elysium, gods and Elysians' couplings do not create new demigods. Elysians may look remarkably similar to humans, but their metaphysical souls are too different from humans and cannot be joined with the divine essence from Earth. Instead, offspring of gods and Elysians usually just create exceptionally healthy Elysians, but there is a higher chance such offspring will be host bodies to reincarnated heroes, especially heroes whose original parent was the same divine being; but even this is rare. The only new demigods being born are on Atlantis where there are humans still living, but there are very few pure human bloodlines remaining on Atlantis and within the next hundred years or so, such bloodlines would be impossible to retain without resorting to incest.

Heroes: Heroes are the reincarnated souls of exceptional humans whose souls were transported to Elysium. Once their host reaches a certain age, usually in their teen years, they have an awakening and regain fragmented memories from their past lives and develop a personality that is a fusion of their current host's personality and their original mythic personality. Heroes are a fundamental part of Elysium as they act as a sort of metaphysical glue that binds the natural cosmology of Elysium and the foreign Earth cosmology together, enabling the gods to remain in power on Elysium.
Heroes have no other particular common abilities or weaknesses.

Monsters: Heroes alone cannot sustain the unnatural cosmological needs of the gods and monsters were brought back to Elysium to serve a similar purpose to heroes. Monsters come in two fashions, sentient and non-sentient. Sentient monsters are reincarnated into an Elysian body and at the age of awakening, they rapidly mutate into their monstrous form. Willful Elysians are often able to retain their original personality and try to find a way to use their monstrous visage to the benefit of society, but most are usually driven out of civilization by fearful mortals or become feral beasts. Examples of sentient monsters include Asterion the Minotaur and Medusa the Gorgon.
Non-sentient monsters are usually reincarnated into the bodies of Elysian animals that have similar physical structures. These beasts can often mate among other monsters to create an actual species of monsters native to Elysium.

While I will add more to this journal later, I wanted to hurry and address something I have been asked about. On the matter of reincarnation, can gods or nymphs reincarnate? The answer is difficult and it is both yes and no. For those wondering why Amphitrite or Metis do not simply reincarnate, give me a moment to explain.

On Earth, reincarnation required a soul to be cleansed of everything by being washed in the Underworld River known as Lethe. This stripped it of its memories, personality, and essentially made it a blank slate. Heroes never reincarnated as Zeus liked to keep these souls as souvenirs in his Hall of Heroes, which is what inspired the myths of the constellations. There were some beings who were resurrected, like Zagreus, but death has a cost. Zagreus had to be reborn and did so as Dionysus who may have looked like Zagreus and had some of his memories, but his personality was changed.

On Elysium, reincarnation works differently. Mortal souls are washed in Lethe, but Heroic souls are only briefly dipped in Lethe to give them a 'buffer' that locks away their memories and personality until their age of awakening. If a god dies and their soul comes to the Underworld, a decision must be made.
    A) Some of the soul's essence can be stripped away to create a new spark of life and return the god to the living, minus a portion of their previous power. This can be utilized but is an unfavorable choice as Titanic essence is a precious and finite commodity, and destroying it to bring back one gods effectively weakens the entire Pantheon. So, this is only allowed if sanctioned by the Council of Twelve or the Quorum of Six. The resurrection process usually requires that the soul be brought to the Haven and submerged in a vat of Nektar, Ambrosia, and Ichor to recreate the being's body. This is a substantial drain on the stores of Nektar and Ambrosia and requires several gods to contribute portions of ichor to fuel this, weakening those gods for a number of days or even weeks afterward.
    B) The soul containing the personality and soul can be stripped from essence, creating a ghost of the divine being and giving them an estate in Hades' Underworld. They have no divine ability anymore and only have a corporeal state in the Underworld. Their personality and memory also begins to slowly fade away over time until they are nothing but a lost soul, roaming the palace halls. At this point, Hades usually orders them to taken to Lethe and returned to the reincarnation cycle, usually able to create dozens of new souls from the formerly divine soul.
    C) The god's soul can be added directly to the well of souls to be reincarnated... in theory. This process is usually best applied to fallen nymphs as theoretically any pregnant being receiving the soul of a reincarnating god would have their life essence overwhelmed in a most painful and likely fatal experience. Nymphs brought back in this manner are usually reborn as rather ordinary human-looking nymphs regardless of which kind of nymph they were in their previous life, and are elementally tied to the ambient essence of their birthplace and usually cursed with having to remain in that locale for the remainder of their life.

So, as to why Metis was not resurrected, well Zeus and the Olympians did not control the Underworld back then. The Olympians only gained control of the Underworld after they usurped the Titans. Metis died under the Titans' watch and exactly what they did to her soul remains unknown (in all likelihood it was rendered into more mortal souls - and could be the souls of all those mortals Zeus was strangely attracted to, or at least that's what Zeus likes to tell himself).
What about Amphitrite? She grew too weak under Roman worship (the Romans usually ignored she existed) and died while making the transition to Elysium. In those early days, the gods had not established a strong foothold in Elysium and they did not have the resources necessary to resurrect her and Poseidon did not know if she would want to be reincarnated once the gods established their foothold. Poseidon feared she had been dead for too long and had absorbed too much Underworld essence and so he just let her be, where she "lived" the remainder of her days in Hades' palace until her memory and personality faded, at which time Poseidon paid one last visit and then gave Hades the okay to strip her soul down. At Poseidon's request, the fragments of Amphitrite's soul was marked to only be given to newly born sea nymphs so that Amphitrite would return to the waters she loved so much.

Now, which gods have been resurrected or reincarnated? The answer is only a few have at one point been killed over their long lifespans, and the gods usually only make the sacrifice for those they consider to be too important to the continued preservation of their pantheon.  Of course their possible mortality is a secret they keep from the mortals of Elysium. The most recent example of one such event where a god was killed was just two hundred years ago when New Spartan poachers captured Pan and dragged him back to their home. They figured he was just a normal satyr. The whole city reveled in his torture him for amusement and eventually they killed him. When Hermes came upon Pan's soul in the Underworld and learned what happened, the Twelve ordered that the truth of this event be kept concealed and Artemis, Apollo, Poseidon, and Hephaestus were dispatched. Artemis hunted down every last one of the poachers (preserving for them special punishment at Hades' hands) while her brother Apollo quarantined the entire city with a horrible plague that kept them too ill to travel, Poseidon  turned away any ships that tried to enter the harbor, and Hephaestus caused the nearby mountain to explode in righteous fury, burying the city in a thick layer of volcanic ash... wiping the city of New Pompeii from the map so that none could tell the tale. A single sailor had witnessed the event and escaped the city by ship before the gods lay waste to the city, but when his exclamations of "Great Pan is dead!" began to spread it took but the appearance of Pan at a local festival to disprove that sailor and cause the templars to seize him for spreading heresy. The sailor was given a merciful beheading while the poachers are still housed in Hades' dungeon where death cannot touch them, forced to relive the same tortures they inflicted upon Pan until the end of their sentence, which is essentially whenever Zeus decides to actually get around to informing Hades of their sentence.

Final Thoughts
Lastly, I want to thank any of you who took the time to read and comment on this. I love working on NeOlympus and I appreciate the support in enjoying this last week's break from Earth-27 to focus on some of my other creative endeavors. I wanted to take a moment to ask for your thoughts about dedicating a week once a month (provided I have at least five NeOlympus sponsorships on reserve) to NeOlympus or some of my other projects? I know this would further delay Earth-27's progress, which is already kind of delayed, but I do feel like pursuing my own creative projects is the way in which I stand the best chance of being able to become a full-time creator and writer. Anyway, just wanted your feedback on this and on the rest of this journal. I am also curious to know what you think about NeOlympus. Do you enjoy it? Do you prefer it over Earth-27? On the same level as Earth-27 but for different reason? Do you like it only as a part of Earth-27? Do you prefer Earth-27 to it? Is there another one of my projects you'd prefer to see me dedicate some time to aside from E27 and NeOlympus? Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below! Until next time!
I hope this clears some things up.

I get asked a lot if Earth-27 and NeOlympus are connected. The answer is kinda... Sorta... Not really... But yes. Confusing? Let us see if we can rectify that a bit.

The answer to the question of their connectivity depends on where your perspective lies.

NeOlympus itself is not built upon the idea that the gods came from a world where there was an immortal caveman roaming around or that Zeus had sired Wonder Woman, therefore in "NeOlympus" itself, there is no connection. At no time in the course of the events of that story do I intend to have the events or characters of E27 be referenced (unless I throw in a cheeky easter egg) and should you read about characters like Circe, assume that is closer to the traditional mythical character and not Wonder Woman's old foe. Likewise, there is an Atlantis in NeOlympus, but you won't find Arthur Curry and Mera ruling there, instead you will find Poseidon and Triton instead.

Yet... In Earth-27's continuity, the past events of NeOlympus did happen and the Gods of Olympus did retire from Earth to take up residence in Elysium, but some gods like Zeus, Ares, and more still visit Earth and have some resources still invested in Earth and its survival or exploitation.

So, at this time it is fair to assume that in my NeOlympus stories, Earth-27 does not really exist; but in Earth-27, the stories of NeOlympus are more or less canon, especially in regards to the events that transpired before the gods left Earth.

I hope you can follow that. Thanks.

Follow-Up Question: Are the Neonomikon and Clio's Accountings then considered Earth-27 canon?
Answer: Yes, until an Oracle File, ObMod, journal, or VOX Box supersedes them, the events and details as written by Clio, Muse of History, could be considered canon to Earth-27.

Follow-Up Question: Will the Gods be getting Oracle Files or Deluxe Oracle Files?
Answer: Ares already has an Oracle File so the short answer is yes. The long answer really depends on if there is an interest in such things 

Conner Kent / Kon-El

Mon Feb 5, 2018, 7:17 AM
Conner Kent (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name
Conner Jonathan Kent

Known Aliases
Project Kr Match A1, Kon-El (Kryptonian Name), Superboy, "Boy of Steel"

Clark Kent (Genetic Template, Adopted Father)
Lex Luthor (Genetic Template)
Lois Lane (Adopted Mother)
Mia Kent (Adopted Sister)
Jonathan Kent (Adopted Brother)
Laura Kent (Adopted Sister)
Chris Kent (Adopted Brother)

House of El: Eldest Son of the Patriarch
"The Team": Founding Member, X-04
The Titans: Alumnus

Date of Creation:
September 3rd, 2007

Date Released from Vat:
July 4th, 2008


Metropolis University

Marital Status
In a Relationship: Cassandra Sandsmark (Girlfriend)

Lionel Luthor Memorial Dormitory, Room 93
Metropolis University Campus
Metropolis, DE

Residence (Secondary) 
Kent Farm
Smallville, KS


Kryptonian/Human Hybrid



Hair color

Eye color

6'1" / 1.85 m

210 lbs. / 95 kg

2007 - 2008
Conner Kent came into this world in an unusual manner. He was never born; he was created, in a lab, Cadmus Labs to be exact, which at the time was owned by Lex Luthor. Conner is a clone of Superman, created with the use of tissue and blood samples after a battle between Superman and Metallo. Due to Kryptonite exposure in the battle, the collected samples had lost much of their genetic integrity and so a donor was found to help “fill-in” the gaps in the genetic coding. That donor was Lex Luthor. Due to Luthor’s involvement, we suspect that Conner was originally indented to be part of a plan to eliminate Superman, and possibly replace him, due to Conner’s development and growth being accelerated through artificial means and his mind being subjected to telepathic training with and emphasis on combat and behavior modifications.

Conner was grown to full maturation (to  approximate the age of a boy just having finished puberty) and was scheduled for field testing, until a suspicious fire at Cadmus Labs resulted in the secret project’s discovery by Cyborg’s misfit team of teen heroes (which would later become known as the Third Generation of Titans, and later “Young Justice”). When the project’s secrecy was blown, someone triggered the release of a very confused Kryptonian clone, whose built-n aggression and combat training kicked in, causing him to attack the young heroes.

With ease, Conner nearly defeated the ragtag team of Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad, before Aqualad’s limited telepathic ability was able to establish enough contact with the raging clone enough to distract him and allow Wonder Girl to bind him with her indestructible lasso and subdue him with enough juice to power the Eastern seaboard.

Conner was put on ice quite literally using Kara’s old spaceship until J’onn could establish telepathically remove enough of the mental programming from his mind to allow the clone to function. Then, once removed from his stasis, it was M’Gann, who gave him a name, calling him Conner. M’Gann then accompanied him to join Young Justice as his telepathic handler.

Superboy (Earth-27) Titan commission by phil-cho
2008 - 2014
Upon joining the “team” (aka: “Young Justice”), Conner developed a close bond with several teammates, particularly those who joined the team at nearly the same time as him: Robin (Tim Drake), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), and Miss Martian. For his freshman year of high school (his first actual experience with school), Conner attended Happy Harbor High School as “Conner Jones” and was somewhat cavalier in the use of his powers at school, and became something of a local legend when he joined the school’s football team. He even dated the school’s head cheerleader, Megan Morse. But when a highlight reel of Conner’s amazing freshman season made its way to the press, Clark Kent came to Happy Harbor to write a story…

Clark persuaded Conner to feign an injury in a car accident to take him out of the spotlight and in exchange, Superman held a press conference to introduce the world to his new sidekick, Superboy. He was a quick hit with the press and when Superman disappeared a couple of months later due to being kidnapped by the alien bounty hunter Lobo, Superboy stepped up and did a fine job as Metropolis’ guardian (even if his “tactile telekinetic” powers didn’t match up to pure-blooded Kryptonian powers). In so doing, Superboy proved he was more than mere sidekick.

This is how it was for Conner for a long while. He spent his school days in Smallville, keeping Martha company and helping her with the Kent farm, and spending his summers in Happy Harbor, working as a member of Titans full-time. Conner was a young, happy-go-lucky hero back in those days. And then his world fell apart.

Shortly after graduating high school, Conner’s dormant Kryptonian powers began to emerge. Investigating the reason for such at the remains of Cadmus Labs, Tim discovered the part Lex Luthor played in Conner’s genetic code. Conner went a bit mental at this information. He broke off his relationship with M’gann, distanced himself from the Kents, and moved to Hawaii.

Superboy (Earth-27) Modern commission by phil-cho
2014 - Present
While in self-imposed exile to Hawaii, Conner did some soul searching and self-discovery. He also apparently spent a lot of time in the sun, because he was solar-powered in a way that only Kryptonians can. That’s right, sometime between hitting on bikini-clad beach bodies and wrestling with King Shark, Conner found the time to master his nascent Kryptonian powers.

As he did so, his “tactile telekinesis” became less potent until it disappeared altogether, but Conner wasn’t complaining because he was a six year old Kryptoinan clone with the mind of a twenty-one year old human male who just got X-Ray vision and a physiology that seemed to be allergic to body fat and retaining water. Seriously, the Kents might be richer that the Waynes if Clark and Conner ever decided to sell calendars… Cass and I once went on a Hawaiian cruise and “bumped” into Conner down there (it may have been a favor from a certain mild-mannered friend), and I saw Conner sauntering out from the beach and talk about abs of steel! Wait, where was I going with this?

So, anyway, after Tim returned from his undercover antics with the League of Assassins, he decided to get his teen buddies back together to bring back “the Team”. First stop: Bring his best friend back. Conner actually came back without much urging, I’m told, after he learned that Tim had not actually become Ra’s al Ghul’s heir apparent. However, Conner had changed. He was not longer all smiles and laughs, he was mad as hell and had really simplified his costume. I guess it was supposed to be edgier?

After working on his rage issues as people like us do best (by kicking bad guys’ teeth in), Conner did seem to lighten up a bit; Though he is still upset with M’gann for some reason. Even I have not been able to figure out why that is and Tim is unwilling to talk gossip about the personal lives of “his” team. That twerp…

Well, it’s a good thing Donna does gossip, as I have learned through her that Conner has recently started dating her successor, Cassandra Sandsmark. Talk about a power couple!


Superboy can understand and speak many languages outside of English. He is at least fluent in Spanish, Atlantean, French, Korean, Arabic and Russian, among other languages. These languages were programmed in him by Cadmus and while M'Gann has excised a great deal of their programming from his mind, the linguistics were retained after exhaustive mental probes were conducted to be certain no hidden programming lay in the midst of these processes.

Kryptonian Physiology
Superboy's cellular structure is much more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. He does not possess superhuman strength levels despite his enhanced cellular ability without his cellular structure charged with yellow solar energy. Without such charging, his physical capabilities are identical to a human of his height and weight who often engages in physical exercise. As an alien, he possesses several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood but are believed to be part of or the source of his biomatrix force field and reclamation aura. Superboy's body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body's electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of his electromagnetic capabilities such as flight, heat vision and other "sight"-based abilities while supplementing his physical abilities to superhuman levels.
-Solar Radiation Absorption:
As a Kryptonian, his cells function like a super battery, hyper metabolizing specific wavelengths of radiation as fuel to enable superhuman abilities. Different wavelengths of radiation have different effects on Superboy's physiology and well being, but his cells cannot absorb or utilize all types of radiation. The wavelength of his home solar system's red sun enables his body to function at a nearly identical level of a healthy human; while Earth's solar radiation in its filtered state through the Earth's atmosphere acts as fuel to enable all of his powers. Every time Superboy uses any of his superhuman abilities, his body utilizes absorbed sunlight and he is capable of utilizing any of them to various degrees through controlled circumstances. The constant exposure to proven "healthy" radiation sources is not required for him to live and utilize his powers, but prolonged periods without exposure to them and/or utilizing his powers will require Kon-El to recharge in order to live and continue using his powers.
-Enhanced Strength: The exact limits of Superboy's strength are unknown, but he has demonstrated the capacity to lift nearly 43 tons with exertion, thereby categorizing his strength in the Class 6 Enhanced Strength Threshold as cataloged by ARGUS, making him one of the strongest beings on Earth. Different periods and intensities of exposure to Earth's solar radiation can cause his strength to fluctuate over time.
-Enhanced Speed: He is capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds. While not as fast as the Flash or other experienced Speedsters, Superboy can still move at speeds on par with a novice Speedster. Superboy's running speed has been calculated to be around 4,000 MPH (Mach 5) which is also his cruising speed at flying. His maximum flying speed is Mach 7 (approximately 5,400 MPH).
-Enhanced Stamina: Superboy has the ability to maintain continuous physical actions for an undefined period. Conner is shown to have unlimited stamina if he is consistently exposed to yellow sunlight, though he still prefers to sleep like a normal human as his mind can suffer the effects of sleep deprivation.
-Flight: Superboy is capable of defying gravity and flying at supersonic speeds (maximum speed: 5,400 MPH) in a planetary atmosphere and possibly faster while in space.
-Heat Vision: Superboy can fire beams of intense heat from his eyes. These beams can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected, but when fired at full-strength the effect is displayed as an intense red burst from his ocular cavities. As Conner still struggles to master this ability, he tends to rely on a fairly juvenile trick of imagining his female teammates naked as he accidentally discovered this ability is easier to activate while aroused.
-Invulnerability: His body is nigh-invulnerable due to his superhumanly dense cellular and anatomical structure as well as his radiating bio-electrical aura. Superboy, under some circumstances, is resistant or immune to different forms and levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, energy-based assaults, falls from great heights, explosions, the cold void of space, toxins and all known diseases on Earth. His supercharged bio-electric "aura" acts as an invisible "force field" radiating within a few millimeters from his skin. He can willfully utilize his aura strengthening its power to a greater degree to provide an additional defense against certain levels of physical and energy attacks for a considerably short period of time, but doing so can endanger him should the attempted feat prove inefficient for any reason. Superboy utilizes his aura by expanding it around a person(s) or object(s) to enable their structural stability when lifting or traveling with them. Superboy's invulnerability has been in constant flux dependant on his levels of solar absorption.
-Super-Breath: Superboy can create hurricane force winds by blowing, and also chill his breath to freeze a target. He can also breathe in large amounts of air to dispel clouds of gas by exhaling it.

Superhuman Senses
All of Superboy's senses are heightened to superhuman levels.
-Hearing: Superboy has the ability to expand his hearing range, giving him the ability to hear sounds before the sound waves actually reach him. This also gives him incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to pick up noises from across the globe. He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency.
-Smell: On various occasions, Superboy has demonstrated that his sense of smell is significantly enhanced to the point he can smell odors from up to a mile away.
-Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: He can see into all of the EM Spectrum. Superboy can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods.
-Telescopic Vision: The ability to focus his vision to see something at a great distance, without violating the laws of physics.
-Microscopic Vision: The ability to see extremely small objects and images down to the sub atomic level.
-X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through anything except lead. Since it is passive, this ability would not generate harmful radiation in the same manner as a focused projection of hard X-rays.
-Thermal Vision: The ability to see through the heat tracks left by a living being or object.

Former Powers
Tactile Telekinesis
At first, Superboy's only superpower was "tactile telekinesis", a telekinetic force field that surrounded his body as a protective shield allowing him to simulate Superman-level speed, strength, flight and invulnerability. This was a side-effect of being the product of human and Kryptonian fused genetics. As he grew older and his body soaked in more yellow sun radiation, his human side became more suppressed and he eventually lost his psionic abilities. It is theorized that should he be deprived of yellow sun radiation for prolonged periods of time, these abilities may return.
-Telekinetic Superhuman Strength: Using his telekinesis, Conner could simulate super strength. He was estimated to have strength in the range of Class IV Enhanced Strength as he was able to lift approximately eight tons on several occassions.
-Telekinetic Flight: Superboy was able to fly at high supersonic speeds using a reflexive action of his telekinesis, literally dragging himself through the sky. Concentration was required to maintain great speeds which could reach roughly speeds of Mach 5.
-Telekinetic Force-Field: By creating a field around his body Conner was able to resist or reduce injury from non-energy based attacks by causing the object to be deflected from his personal force field. Bullets and shrapnel were easily deflected. This field did not repel gases or energy based attacks as well, though his skill in deflecting energy attacks improved.
-Tactile Telekinetic Disassemble: Conner could exert his force into an object to explode or disassemble it. It's assumed that he could conceivably put an object back together, if he understood how the object functioned in the first place. He could also manipulate aggregate solid masses such as volumes of sand or dust in the same way, causing the individual particles to fly apart in an explosive manner to create particle clouds or a forceful attack. Superboy's hands glowed blue when he did this.
-Telekinetic Force Blasts: Superboy also learned that he could project bursts of raw energy bolts during a tussle with the rogue Apokalyptan known as Knockout. He mostly projected the energy from his hands, but his TK field permeated from his entire body. The blasts he emitted had a concussive force equivalent to 500 pounds of TNT.
-Clauraudience: In addition to his telekinesis, Conner also had the ability him to hear sounds from far away. This ability would often manifest itself at random time until M'Gann helped Conner learn to isolate and master this psychic technique.


Vulnerability to Magic
Superboy's biomatrix is his most powerful asset, but the strength of this field is also its greatest weakness. Its permeability to certain wavelengths makes him vulnerable to certain radiations, particularly magical energies whose chaotic electromagnetic or extra dimensional signatures disrupt this force field. Superboy's vulnerability to magic varies depending upon the special effects of the magic. Magic can have powerful and unpredictable effects on Superboy and his magical enemies have often proven to be the most dangerous.

Vulnerability to Chi
Because of Superboy's solar based powers, planetary based esoteric and vital forces could have an opposite effect on him. Concentrated doses of such energies could severely cripple Superboy and become fatal.

Vulnerability to Kryptonite
Since the destruction of Krypton, its remains (rendered radioactive by the explosion) have been spreading throughout the universe as Kryptonite, a crystalline substance whose specific radioactive wavelength is lethal to Kryptonians. The most common form of Kryptonite is Green Kryptonite, and its effect is directly poisonous to him. Though, it should be noted, as a half-Kryptonian, Conner is more resistant to most Kryptonite's effect on him and some kinds affect him in different ways than a normal, full-blooded Kryptonian.

Superboy cannot see through lead with his x-ray vision powers.

Solar Energy Dependency 
His abilities will eventually weaken without replenishing his energy reserves with normal (yellow) sun radiation, especially if he doesn't have any direct contact with yellow sunlight. When exposed to the same red solar radiation as Krypton's red sun Rao, it causes Superboy to lose his powers with a large amount of exposure. Exposure to yellow sunlight will reverse this effect.

High-Pitched Noises
Because of his super hearing, Superboy's ears are extra-sensitive to extreme noises.

Even Kryptonians need to breathe.

Superboy's mind is vulnerable to psionic effects. Due to Cadmus Programming, his mind is unable to support the installation of psionic barriers of any kind, making him extraordinary suscepitible to such manipulation.

Conner prefers to share his emotions, frustrations, and plans with Krypto - his pet wolf. Though he will open up to others, particularly Tim and Cassie, he much prefers to run things by the canine first.

Conner has a number of mild fears and anxieties, including an intense hatred for monkeys (actually apes too), clowns, people in lab coats, and interestingly, bakers of all things. He is also very camera shy in recent years, likely afraid someone will recognize his resemblance to Lex Luthor.

Conner is an outfit repeater. His closet consists of mostly the same basic outfit.

Conner is a closet roleplaying enthusiast. Tim, Steph, Wally, and Marvin have a long-running fantasy campaign they indulge in every couple of weeks and Conner tags along with Cassie who was recruited sometime ago. Conner acts like he only plays to be nice, but according to his internet history Conner spends ample time visiting forums concerning this hobby.

Conner does not like surprises and prefers not to celebrate holidays or birthdays.

Ever wonder why a Kryptonian's glasses make such an effective disguise? Well, because Conner lacks the character performance abilities needed to help differentiate his civilian and heroic identities, Cassie gave him the glasses he wears now. They are enchanted by Hephaestus and give off a mild psychic impulse that helps prevent people unfamiliar with Conner from making the connection between his two identities.

Conner's favorite food is Martha Kent's rhubarb pie.

As much as he professed to only like heavy metal, Tim tells me that Conner can't help but tap his toe and sing under his breath to Genesis and Phil Collins.

Conner used to have a crush on Karen Starr. He was mortified to learn she was his genetic cousin. His new crush is Dinah Lance. From what I gather, he's got a thing for blondes (or at least apparent blondes - as neither Karen or Dinah are natural blondes).

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Wally West

Tue Jan 30, 2018, 9:39 AM
Wally West (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name

Wallace Rudolph West

Known Aliases
Impulse, Kid Flash (formerly), "Wally"

Rudolph West (Father)
Mary West (Mother)
Joe West (Grandfather)
Nadine West (Grandmother)
Iris West-Allen (Aunt)
Barry Allen (Uncle)
Daniel West (Uncle)
Max West (Cousin)
Jessica Allen (Cousin)
Bart Allen (Cousin)
Artemis Crock (Fiancé)

Flash and Friends: Member
"The Team": Founding Member, X-03
The Titans: Alumnus

Date of Birth
January 16th, 1994

College Student

Midwestern University

Marital Status
Engaged: Artemis Crock (Fiancé)

Basement of Parents' Residence
110 Carmine Broome Road
Keystone City, KS





Hair color

Eye color

6'0" / 1.82 m

185 lbs. / 84 kg

1994 - 2007
Wally West was born on January 16, 1994, in Blue Valley, Colorado. Since he first heard reports of a masked vigilante in a cape in Gotham City, Wally has a herophile. In 2001, when Wally visited Central City to attend his aunt’s wedding, Wally prayed for Trickster to crash the wedding so he could have a chance to see the Flash. When the wedding was over and done, without so much as a drunken argument between relatives, Wally was bummed, so his new uncle, Barry Allen, approached Wally to see if he could cheer the kid up. When Wally said he was hoping to see the Flash, Barry let Wally in on a secret, saying that because he was a member of the CCPD, he knew The Flash personally and would arrange for Wally to meet him, the next time he visited.

That next summer, Wally talked his parents into letting him go back to Central City to spend the summer with his Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry. Wally’s first meeting with the Flash was everything he ever wanted and so Uncle Barry would “arrange” other meetings for Wally, in exchange for helping his aunt with the infant twins. Of course, Wally did just that.

When Wally was thirteen, his dad got a job in Keystone City, just a short drive from Central City and the family moved. After that, Wally was over at the Allen household almost daily to mow the lawn, organize the garage, babysit, whatever the Allens needed done so that Barry would arrange another meeting. It was while doing laundry for the Allens that Wally found a note in a pocket of Barry’s that was reminder to a code to a special door of Central City’s S.T.A.R. Labs. Due to Wally’s obsession with the Flash, he knew that the Flash had been known to use S.T.A.R. Labs equipment so Wally expected this to be where Barry and The Flash would meet, or possibly be the Flash’s lair.

While both guesses were more or less correct, what Wally wasn’t expecting was to see his uncle dressed in Flash’s costume (sans mask) talking to a team of scientist about whether Flash’s powers were a fluke or could be repeated. When Cisco Ramon mentioned he had set up equipment to test that theory inside the particle accelerator, Wally rushed down the halls of S.T.A.R. Labs on a collision course with his destiny.
Kid Flash (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

2003 - 2007
We now know that if Wally was not lucky, he’d be dead. Wally had no way of knowing that his aunt has some weird ability to adapt the DNA of those around her to make them better candidates for developing a speedster meta-gene. Because Wally had been spending so much time in the home of the Allens prior to his incident, he lived.

After winning the genetic lottery, Wally somehow fast-talked (or blackmailed) his uncle Barry into letting him train after school to be Flash’s sidekick. In true Warry fashion, the day that Cisco made his training costume, Wally took it for a literal test run out and about in Central City. By the time The Flash caught up to him, Wally had already caught Weather Wizard robbing a bank, saved a depressed teenager from jumping into the Missouri River, and had crashed no less than two news reports to announce that he was Kid Flash, Central City’s newest hero.

Barry decided that Wally needed some full-time discipline training and with Flash being overwhelmed with crimefighting throughout the Midwest due to the JLA being disbanded earlier that year, Barry knew he was not the one to give it to Wally (and let’s face it, Barry’s hardly the best role model for discipline).

Silas Stone had told Harrison Wells that his son Victor was putting a program together in the old Super Friends sanctuary and Harrison recommended that Barry placed Wally there. Of course, before Barry could make up an excuse to explain Wally’s absence for the summer, Wally had already told his parents that he was Kid Flash. The Wests must be cool parents because they were thrilled with this news.

So, Wally joined the “Young Justice”, rescued Superboy, fell in love with Miss Martian, bantered with Artemis, collected some souvenirs, fell out of love with Miss Martian, became Billy Batson’s bestie, saved the life of Princess Perdita Zytle, and found his own little spitfire—one who won’t let him get away with nothin’. Oh, yeah… and he probably single-handedly kept a number of streetside vendors in Central City in business (he eats like forty meals every day). All in all, Wally made quite a name for himself as Kid Flash, but you can’t be a kid forever…
Impulse (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2007 - Present
Missing Data


Superspeed (Top Speed: 13k MPH//22k KHP/Mach 17.5), Phasing, Speedster Physiology, Superhuman Senses & Reflexes, Superhuman Resilience & Healing, Expert Mechanic, Cool Souvenirs

Superhuman Speed
Wally is arguably one of the fastest beings in all of existence. He is fast enough to easily outpace Superman. His top speed is unknown, but he has been clocked at moving Mach 18 (13,800 MPH).
-Superhuman Reflexes: Wally possesses reflexes far greater than a normal human being. This allows him to easily react to danger and events, and perceive the world in slow motion. Fortunately for Wally's sanity, he is able to relax this ability to enable him to interact with us slowpokes and tolerate the real world; otherwise simple things like a red light in traffic would seem like an eternity.
-Superhuman Stamina: Wally's body can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for extended periods of time without getting tired or weak... so long as he's not running on an empty stomach.
-Superhuman Agility: Wally's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows him to easily make sharp turns and leap far distances while moving at superhuman speed.
-Speedster Aura: When running, Wally produces as 
aura around his body, clothing, and whatever he is carrying, protecting them from the adverse effects of their speed, such as friction with the air, airborne particulate matter, kinetic impacts, G-Force and the like.
-Superhuman Durability: Wally is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could easily crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries, making him much more durable than any human.
-Accelerated Healing: Wally is capable of regenerating from injuries much faster than any normal human. For example, Wally can heal a broken leg in fifteen minutes.
-Dimensional Travel: Theoretically, Wally is capable of breaking the dimensional barrier with his speed to traverse between dimensions, but has yet to exercise this ability.
-Electrokinesis: When moving at super-speed, Wally generates electric energy that he has learned to manipulate to a certain degree, enabling him to expel bolts of lightning in combat. He is not as proficient with this as his Uncle Barry though.
-Enhanced Mental Process: Wally's mental capacities are greatly enhanced, allowing him to think at rates far exceeding the average human. Wally can perceive events that happen at instances less than fractions of a second. He is also capable of reading at superhuman rates, accumulating mass amounts of knowledge in seconds. While Wally uses this ability often to aid in his crime-fighting, it is usually in short bursts as he feels like he's losing his humanity the longer he allows himself to 
retain in this state.
-Enhanced Senses: Wally's enhanced senses that allow him to perceive the world at a rate attuned to his reaction speed.
-Molecular Acceleration: Wally can vibrate his own molecular structure at varying degrees for a number of purposes, by adjusting to different frequencies.
-Phasing: By vibrating his molecules on an atomic level, and by doing so at just the right frequency, Wally can allow himself to become momentarily intangible, and phase through objects such as walls. Wally is only able to do for very short bursts.
-Vortex Creations: By rotating his arms at super speed or running in a circular motion, Wally can manipulate the airflow around him to create strong vortexes of wind. It has been noted by Barry that Wally is much more skilled in this discipline and creates far more stable vortexes and is even able to propel himself vertically to ascend to immense heights.

Wally is a novice chemist.

Wally is a skilled mechanic, with an innate knack for deconstructing things, tinkering, and repairing. 

Strength level
Wally has shown that he is able to carry several people at a time when evacuating a dangerous area, whether feats like this are performed while running on adrenaline is not known or merely some sort of side-effect of his speedster physiology. Normally, when not running, Wally possesses the strength level of a man his age, size, and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise, and can at least press lift his own body weight. However, his powers allow him to throw punches at speeds that, on impact, can have the same effect someone with superhuman strength can have. Wally's punching strength, when fully charged, may be enough to knock-out the likes of Doomsday. His uncle Barry calls this the 'infinite mass punch' and has noted that Wally's more refined combat training likely means that such punches are better delivered by Wally.

Barry's friend Cisco Ramon created the Flash costume which gives Barry added protection, snack storage, and capacitors which store electrical energy. Cisco created very similar costumes for Wally. His new Impulse suit is perhaps the most advanced speedster suit yet designed by Cisco.


Wally requires tremendous amounts of energy to run at superspeed and maintain his speedster physiology, even more so than his Uncle Barry. Though Wally devours special energy bars that Cisco has cooked up, he still requires no less than ten high-calorie meals per day to maintain his powers at peak levels. Skipping a meal has a distinct effect on his performance.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Wally has a hard time focusing. He is prone to nervous, twitchy behavior when forced to do something that does not entertain him. He often will do inappropriate things such as crack wise or pull off practical jokes when stressed out. 


Bart Allen is the one who came up with the name 'Impulse' for Wally to use when Wally passed his Kid Flash mantle to the boy.

When alone, Wally likes to talk to himself, especially when he's trying to work out a solution to a complex problem. If caught doing this, he will deny it adamantly, except to Artemis who he has admitted this is a behavior he had stemming from his childhood imaginary friends. He fully realizes that he doesn't have actual imaginary friends, he just finds it helpful to vocally express his thoughts and try to look at them from a different perspective.

Wally prefers "pleather" to the real thing. His favorite possession in the entire world is the pleather recliner Artemis bought for him as an engagement/Christmas present.

Wally has mastered the art of salesmanship, especially when he gets talking fast. I swear, he could sell a glass of milk to a cow.

Wally has a crappy short-term memory. He cannot memorize phone numbers to save his life.

While Wally used to be an adamant skeptic about magic, even after he met the likes of Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate, Aquaman, and John Constantine, he was always a big believer in things like Bigfoot, alien abductions, conspiracy theories, and the Loch Ness monster. Nowadays, Wally believes in magic, but he still remains a skeptic of how versatile it can be and refuses to put his faith in it.

Wally is one of those grown-ups that will never grow up. He loves playing with kids (babies are a different story) and toys for all ages.

Wally dreams of being a successful MeVideo star. So far he has made three attempts. A cooking channel, a movie review channel, and a news channel. None of them have ever produced anything that has gone 'viral', unless you count the links being floated around the Team and the Justice League for a good laugh.

Like his Uncle Barry, Wally West refuses to kill but he does support the lawful application of the death penalty. But on more than one occasion, when his loved ones (particularly his Aunt Iris or Artemis) were put in danger, Wally has become very aggressive with the assailants and has admitted that in that moment he could have killed them.

Wally's favorite restaurants are Chicken Whizee and Big Belly Burger. He claims it is just for the sheer amount of calories packed into their food. Seriously, though, Wally often licks the grease off the wrappers...

Wally collects souvenirs from every mission he goes on. He started this habit during his tenure with Young Justice and carried this on to the Titans and beyond. The notable souvenirs he has collected include:
-Superboy (yup, Wally considers Conner to be his first souvenir)
-Robotic eye
-A Kobra Cultist's hood and mask (which Wally likes to sometimes wear around the Sanctuary)
-Artemis's arrow (An arrow that Artemis used to save Wally from Amazo. Artemis later removed it and reused it to fight Red Inferno and Red Torpedo; but she later placed it back, now with a molten tip.
-Cheshire's old mask.
-Monsieur Mallah's beret
-Count Vertigo's cape
-A sippy cup
-A medical backpack
-A video tape of Hello, Megan!
-Sportsmaster's mask

Wally is a big comic book fan. His favorite comic series is 'Deus Ex Machina Man'.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

The Hall of Justice - Fan Survey

Thu Jan 25, 2018, 11:53 AM
So I am working on the Hall of Justice's floorplan. For the interior, I have a lot of ideas for what I'd like to see, but I thought maybe I should through some ideas out to you gals and guys. What would you like to see included inside the Hall of Justice? Keep in mind, the League does have a Watchtower, too, in Earth-27.

Some features I have already worked into the design include:

Founders' Hall Meeting Chamber
A Cafeteria
Sleeping Quarters
Crime Lab
Holding Cells
Locker Room
Zeta Beam Tunnel
Pool - as suggested by PMiller1
Training Simulator - as suggested by AzureVirgo 
and Earth27FanGirl
Astronomy Lab - as sort of suggested by bjv016
Lounge - as suggested by @obohobo11
Library - as suggested by Matthew-young123
Occult Library - as suggested by Danny-Buckle
Classroom - as suggested by Sciencegeek42763
Meditation Chamber - as suggested by Jovan2013
Multipurpose Lab - as suggested by nightcrawlerfan19
Computer Lab/Network Room - as suggested by annekenscott and Obothehobo11

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Jackson Hyde

Wed Jan 24, 2018, 12:32 PM
Jackson Hyde (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name

Jackson Hyde

Atlantean Name

Known Aliases

David Hyde (Father)
Lucia Hyde (Mother - Deceased)

Knights of Atlantis: Throneguard
"The Team": Founding Member, X-02
The Titans: Alumnus, Class Leader

Date of Birth
January 7th, 1991

Adventurer / Crimefighter

Kingdom of Atlantis
"The Team"

Marital Status

Mobile Home
John S. Frank Beach
Happy Harbor, RI


Atlantean/Human Hybrid



Hair color

Eye color

6'1" / 1.85 m

285 lbs. / 129 kg

1991 - 2003
Jackson Hyde was born in an unincorporated part of New Mexico, near Silver City. He grew up in relative isolation, living alone with his single mother. Though Jackson was never told of his origins until he was much older, Jackson was in fact the son of a Navy SEAL that would go on to become the mercenary known as Black Manta.

Jackson’s mother was an Atlantean who had been exiled from her career as a Royal Engineer for not only showing a surface-dweller the location of Poseidonis but for also designing a suit of armor that would enable her human lover the ability to work his craft underwater. After her exile, Jackson’s mother designed more devices for her lover and even his mercenary lackeys, even designed a fleet of war-subs for their use, but ast some point, something happened and she realized that she had done too much, so she fled to one place her lover would not look for her: the desert.

Jackson’s mother was chocked to find she was pregnant as it is rare that human and Atlantean pairings produce offspring, but was even more shocked to discover that her child had the Gift of Kordax, easily noticed from birth with her child’s blonde hair, a trait not natural in Atlanteans. Deciding it was best to conceal her son’s nature from him, Jackson’s mother survived the desert by taking twice-daily baths and regular trips to a small hidden watering hole near their trailer home; but raised Jackson to be afraid of the water and limited his exposure to it, timing his baths and showers, intent to not give his gills time to manifest.

But for all her efforts, eventually the truth came out, when Jackson was twelve and walking home from where his school bus would drop him off. A freak rainstorm drenched the local area and caused Jackson’s gills to form and his fingers to become webbed. When his mother found him and tried to pull him out of the rain, another ability manifested: a powerful electric shock which immediately stopped his mother’s heart. Jackson called 911 but due to his aberrations, police arrested him. Within days, he was just another “metahuman freakshow” in the papers that no one cared about, until the day that Arthur Curry showed up at the jail, intent to take Jackson home.

Aqualad 2.0 (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2003 - 2007
Jackson Hyde was a day away from his sentencing hearing after a quick small-town kangaroo court found him guilty for the death of his mother. Due to his believed metahuman nature, Jackson was being held at the Silver City Jail and was pretty much doomed to unknowingly follow in his father’s footsteps, but was fortunate enough to receive a visitor that fateful day.

Arthur Curry had happened to hear of Jackson’s story via a news report over a television mounted on the wall of a tavern in St. Roch. Recognizing the boy was not a metahuman but a hybrid Altantean like himself, Arthur Curry drove all night to reach the Silver City Jail and with nothing but a ski mask and a swig of whiskey, freed Jackson.

After freeing the boy, Arthur brought him to Atlantis. Jackson was given the Atlantean name of Kaldur’ahm and was named apprentice page of Prince Orin’s squire Garth. Kaldur’ahm received a proper education at the Royal Academy of Poseidonis and was a dutiful attendant to Garth and Prince Orin, taking care of their equipment and training while the two were off on their adventures as Aquaman and Aqualad. In his downtime, Kaldur’ahm preferred to continue his training in more esoteric matters instead of pursuing hobbies and this led him to become a pupil of Tula and Mera, secretly studying Atlantean sorcery so that one day he could truly impress his prince, sworn master, and future king.

That day did come when Black Manta infiltrated Poseidonis, seeking to kidnap the newborn son of Prince Orin and his wife Princess Mera. Due to his Kordaxian telepathy and an unknown bond, Kaldur’ahm detected the would-be kidnapper in the nick of time and came to the child’s rescue. Though his combined psionic and magical might, coupled with his intense combat training, proved enough to fight off his opponent, it was Black Manta who would deliver the most painful blow that day: revealing to Kaldur’ahm that he was the boy’s father!

After this revelation, Arthur decided to make Kaldur’ahm his new squire, giving the boy the title Aqualad, in hopes that working in the field would help ease the boy’s traumatic anxiety.

Kaldur'ahm (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2007 - Present
Missing Data


Jackson is a very skilled leader and strategist, arguably just as competent as Dick Grayson or Tim Drake in this regard. This however does not make Jackson feel the same about his abilities as he often prefers to be a loyal follower or trusted advisor, finding the burden of leadership to wear him down.

Martial Arts
Trained by the best Atlantean warriors and utilizing his Gift of Korvax to better anticipate his enemies, Jackson is an extremely competent warrior. He is regularly able to defeat Conner Kent and Cassie Sandsmark in sparring matches (even when they team up). Still he has never been able to defeat Cassandra Cain.

As a side-effect of his telepathic node, Jackson is easily able to learn languages, provided he has a willing teacher. Within a few hours of dedicated study and mentoring, or even just intensive conversation, Jackson can master a language. Though this mastery will fade with time (approximately after three months without daily usage), Jackson can pick up any language he has previously learned within minutes. Without use of this ability, Jackson speaks fluent English, ancient Greek, Latin, Russian, and Bialyan.

Jackson is a master swimmer. D'uh. He is also a skilled surfer, able to easily 'read' the waves.

Jackson carries two weapons. They are known as 'Waterbearers'. These Xebelian weapons were a gift from Queen Mera to Kaldur'ahm and help Kaldur'ahm focus his hydrokinetic sorcery, and the Waterbearers help him focus his ability to shape water into weapons.

Atlantean/Human Hybrid Physiology
The Atlanteans are an offshoot of humanity that is biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. For most Atlanteans, this means they can breathe underwater, endure the pressures of the deep (among other adaptations), and can only spend a very limited time out of the water. Jackson also possesses superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance and durability, all by-products of his body being adapted to survive unprotected in the tremendous pressures of the ocean depths. Although other Atlanteans possess similar adaptations, Jackson's royal lineage makes him a super-Atlantean as well as super-human, and as such he has greater physical capabilities than does a typical Atlantean.
-Amphibious Nature: Jackson, as an Atlantean, can breathe underwater and on land. He can be immersed indefinitely without suffering any ill effects but due to his combined royal Atlantean and human lineage, he can survive on land longer than an average Atlantean. This length can be extended by the humidity in the atmosphere but eventually prolonged dehydration will weaken him thus he must return to aquatic environment at various period.
-Amphibious Transformation: When any source of water touches Jackson's skin his body transforms and he gains gills and webbed features (so far have only been seen on his hands). This allows him to breathe underwater and swim at speeds that can match Aquaman's. This is not a standard Atlantean feature, but a common mutation.
-Enhanced Vision: His ability to see in the murky depths of the ocean allows Jackson exceptional night vision while on land. He has claimed that his eyes are adapted to see at 6,000 fathoms (or 36,000 feet below the surface of the water).
-Enhanced Hearing: Jackson's hearing is several times more acute than human capacity.
-Enhanced Smell: Jackson's sense of smell is several times more acute than human capacity.
-Enhanced Strength: Jackson possesses superhuman strength. While the average Atlantean or Lemurian can lift/press approximately 2 tons, Jackson can press 35 and is categorized by ARGUS in Class VI of Enhanced Strength. 
-Enhanced Stamina: Jackson possesses strength and stamina that allows him to swim at supersonic speed for prolonged periods of time. He can maintain cruising speeds between Mach 1 and Mach 2 with little effort for several hours. Jackson can also go without sleep for three days before showing signs of health degradation.
-Enhanced Durability: Jackson's enhanced physiology enables him to withstand impacts that would kill an ordinary human, and critically injure an average Atlantean. He has been seen in ocean depths as deep as 20,000 feet (3.79 miles) below the surface of the water. It seems that Jackson has been able to travel as deep as 36,000 feet (6.82 miles) considering that he claims that his eyes have been adapted to see at that depth. With the pressure of the ocean floor, at its deepest recorded depth, being over 16,000 pounds per square inch Jackson's body is extremely and highly durable to impact blows from even the likes of Mammoth and Amazons as well as Kryptonians. He is completely durable against small caliber firearms without incapacitation. Most larger caliber bullets are known to make him bleed but otherwise glance off his thick skin, but armor penetrating weapons or well-placed precision shots can injure him.
-Enhanced Balance: Jackson has both extremely well developed sense of balance (the positioning of limbs) and the physical condition to use this effectively. This combination makes Jackson almost impossible to being knocked down, or thrown off-balance. Even if he should fall down, he is able to recover from momentary imbalances in an instant. He is also able to perfectly balance on any object, no matter how narrow or unstable it may be.
-Temperature Resistance: Jackson is extremely resistant to cold based attacks due to his extreme temperature adaptability leaving his skin highly resistant to freezing temperatures.
-Superhuman Reflexes: While no speedster, Jackson's reflexes are superior than average. His reflexes are on the order of 12-15 times faster than a normal human. 
-Telepathic Communication: Like all Atlanteans, Jackson has a node in his brain allowing for short-range telepathic reception and transmission to other minds with similar developments. He can transmit telepathic impulses to other minds lacking a similar node, but this is one-way communication.
-Gift of Kordax: Like his King, Jackson possesses the Gift of Kordax which gives him the ability to telepathically command simple sea life, forcing the typical sea creatures to obey his whims. Furthermore, having practiced and refined this ability, Jackson is an accomplished all-around telepath and can perform such telepathic feats as mind to mind communication and resist illusions. It should be noted, he is considerably less talented in the application of this ability as compared to Aquaman.
-Access to the Clear: While not connected on the primal level like his king Aquaman,  possibly due to his sorcerous studies or his electrokinesis interfering, Jackson has a poorly understood connection to a metaphysical force identified as "The Clear" which seems to function as a universal consciousness of all sea life. This connection allows Jackson the ability to sense the primal emotions of aquatic creatures through "The Clear" and can 'sense' nearby threats to "the Clear" through some sort of quasi-telepathic prompting. Occasionally, it seems that 'the Clear' will return the favor, informing Jackson of threats to his own self which gives Jackson a sort of 'danger sense'.
-Electrokinesis: Jackson has the power to emit electric waves; much in the same way an electric eel can. Though Jackson is hesistant to use this ability (due to it having accidentally killed his mother), Jackson has learned to use this to emit an electrical touch, bursts of electricity, and coat himself in electrical armor for short durations.

Though mystically powerful by birthright, Jackson began his education in sorcery at a much later age than is standard, as a result, his magic is awfully unrefined and primal, lacking focus and discipline. To help him rein in his powers, he was given tattoos that help him shape his magic, causing the tatoos to light up when he accesses his mystical powers. Using his magic, Jackson can form and control the flow of water much in the same way that Mera can. 


Jackson can breathe underwater and on land. The time spent out of the water can be extended by the humidity in the atmosphere but eventually prolonged dehydration will weaken him thus he must return to aquatic environment. If he does not immerse himself in water for at least an hour every 48 hours, he will begin to suffer from severe dehydration. In humid environments, he can go without water for seventy-two hours. In particularly dry environments, he must immerse himself every twenty-four hours.

Though most Atlanteans are resistant to heat, Jackson's own biology lacks this resistance. It is possible this is due to something his mother did to help conceal his non-human nature. Uncomfortably warm temperatures weaken him, causing his adaptable Atlantean biology to become suppressed and cutting off access to his Atlantean abilities and weakening his psionic powers.

Due to past experiences, Jackson refrains from being in situations where others rely on him to make the right decision. This is a true shame as he was a truly exceptional leader.


Jackson is a horrible liar, when you know what to look for. Not that he has the most expressive face to begin with, but his left eyelid twitches whenever he is telling a falsehood.

Jackson's favorite food is tacos. He loves fish tacos most of all, but because his teammates tease him about eating fish, he often chooses to save those as a private pleasure when dining alone.

Jackson struggles with insomnia, and can often be found walking, running, or swimming late at night to help himself fall asleep from exhaustion.

Jackson is a big fan of zombie movies and literature.

Jackson identifies as a proponent of the feminist movement and usually has an easier time socializing with female peers.

Jackson only eats locally grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible and he will never shop at a corporately owned marketplace.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

The Hall of Justice

Tue Jan 23, 2018, 9:30 AM
New Project by Roysovitch

Hall of Justice 

In Earth-27, the Hall of Justice is a training facility, a meeting hall, living quarters, crime lab, and whatever else the heroes want to use it for. Basically a sanctuary for any hero who needs one. Most of the Founders have little need for it, outside of official meetings, but heroes like Fire and Ice live there.

  • The Hall of Justice complex is located on the North end of Glick Park in New York. It is near the East River and six blocks from the UN Building.
  • Museum: Open to the public, with interactive exhibits, trophies, statues, and often has one to three Justice League members available for photographs and autographs for PR purposes. 
  • ARGUS HQ: Also located on the complex is the site of the International Headquarters of ARGUS. Though restricted from public access, most of ARGUS' HQ is actually in the sub-levels and aboard the Watchtower, accessible via a Zeta-Beam.
  • Founder's Hall: Inside the Hall of Justice, this is where the Justice League holds their meetings. There's 7 seats for the Founders down at the bottom of this large auditorium, with the Trinity seated in the longer table in the middle: Superman in the middle, Wonder Woman on his right, Batman on his left. The Green Arrow and Canary seated to Batman's left. Flash and Martian Manhunter to Wonder Woman's right. The Founders' Meeting is held here annually on the 10th day of April and is when new members are permitted to enter the League by way of a 57% majority vote.

Trivia and Notes
  • Waller has an office in the Watchtower, but she usually does not use it. Same with Lord, both preferring to keep their offices in the actual ARGUS HQ.
  • The Hall's staff is mostly run by ARGUS' Justice League Division.They do have some contract staff (cleaning, groundskeeping, and cafeteria workers).
  • The Watchtower and the Hall of Justice complex are owned by ARGUS
  • Martian Manhunter spends a lot of his non-monitoring time at the Hall of Justice, actively mentoring his fellow Justice League members.
  • Wonder Woman spends a lot of her downtime in the Hall of Justice (because officially "Wonder Woman" lives in the Hall of Justice).
  • The Hall of Justice Zeta-Beam is the primary way heroes access the Watchtower.
  • There are hidden Zeta-Beams in most major cities, but the Justice League doesn't just give out those locations to every member, only giving out that information on a need to know basis or once you've spent a few years as a full-time member; and even then, you're not really supposed to use those indiscriminately as they want to keep the locations as covert as possible so they generally only use them for emergencies or when they are in a "secure" location, like the Fortress of Solitude, the Quiver, STAR Labs, and Batcave-5.
  • Yes. Martian Manhunter has a considerable stash of Chocos in the Basement of the Hall of Justice.

[More Information and Floorplans Coming Soon]

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Cassie Sandsmark

Mon Jan 22, 2018, 8:17 AM
Cassie Sandsmark (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Real Name
Cassandra Calliope Sandsmark

Known Aliases
Wonder Girl, Drusilla Priam (name on her old fake ID)

Zeus (Father)
Helena Sandsmark (Mother)
Diana of Themyscira (Half-Sister)
Ares (Half-Brother)
Hephaestus (Half-Brother)
Hebe (Half-Sister)
Athena (Half-Sister)
Artemis (Half-Sister)
Apollo (Half-Brother)
Hermes (Half-Brother)
Aresia Lowell (Niece)

Themyscira: Honorary Amazon
The Team: Founding Member, ID: X-01
The Titans: Alumna

Date of birth
May 21st, 1994

College Student

Ivy University

Marital Status
In a Relationship: Conner Kent (Boyfriend)

Three Bedroom Apartment
Happy Harbor, RI
(shared with Megan Morse and Courtney Whitmore)



Olympian Demigoddess



Hair color

Eye color

5'11" / 1.8 m

180 lbs / 82 kg

1994 - 2007

Cassie’s story starts with her mother, archeologist Helena Sandsmark who was on assignment at a significant excavation in Greece when she fell in love with a local Name Zach. Though Zach would ultimately end up disappearing one night with one of the excavation’s artifacts, he did leave Helena with a souvenir of Greece when Cassie was born nine months later.

After returning stateside and getting employment at the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, Helena began to notice that her daughter was unusually special. By age six, Cassie was not only more physically capable than her peers but was a full head and shoulders taller than the tallest boy in her grade.

When she was eight, Cassie crashed her bike and flew over her bike’s handlebars head-first into a wall and walked it off without a scratch. When Helena took Cassandra to the hospital regardless of a lack of visible injuries, she had to admit that she couldn’t remember the last time Cassandra had ever been sick (for the record, it was when Cassie was three). Due to the rise of the metahuman phenomenon at the time, Helena decided it was best to keep her daughter close. So when Helena became curator at the museum, Cassie would spend most of her after-schools hours at the museum; but even then, she could not escape the sense that she was different as some of the relics and artifacts in the museum’s Greek exhibit gave her an uneasy feeling and was also shocked to know she could read ancient Greek.

Cassie tried her best to blend in, but in 2007, with the JLA disbanded, Wonder Woman was spending more time in Gateway City and Cassie began to feel a strange bond to her. This bond became so familiar to Cassie that when she was Diana Prince at the Greek Exhibit, Cassie knew she was the Amazon princess. Before Cassie introduced herself, Circe arrived to steal a medallion from the exhibit, forcing Diana to run off for a quick costume change. To prevent Circe’s escape, Cassie grabbed some old weaponry from a display to stall Circe: but was chocked to find her touch woke the dormant magic in the archaic weaponry. After seeing this display, Wonder Woman took Cassie to Olympus to meet their shared deadbeat dad: ZEUS!

Wonder Girl II [Titan] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

2007 - 2012

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Wonder Girl 2.0 [Modern] (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

2012 - Present

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Cassie has only just begun her Amazonian training (by Amazon standards) but what she does know is extensive by mortal standards and helps shape her physical potential into a true weapon.

Although nowhere near the level of her mother, Cassandra has learned quite a bit from her mother.

When she dated Tim, Cassie became quite the amateur detective and learned to fine-tune her senses to be used for some forensic purposes.

Because of her travel record early in her life, she's learned a few languages. She speaks some Mandarin, Greek (Ancient and Modern), Latin, and a couple others but no Spanish

Cassie has proven herself to be a good leader in the field as she would often take charge of Young Justice before Kaldur'ahm was selected to be the official team leader. Though a gifted leader, Cassie usually prefers to lead small strike teams or take the place of a senior strategist or second-in-command.

Indomitable Will (?)
Diana speculates that she inherited her sheer willpower from Zeus and believes Cassie may be just as stubborn as she is.

Divine Empowerment
As the daughter of Zeus, Cassandra has abilities which far exceed those of mortals and many metahumans and she has been endowed with even more through the patronage of several Olympian gods.
-Mythical Strength: Cassandra claims to be "Stronger than Hercules". As Wonder Girl has shown she is strong enough to match the strength of Superboy. ARGUS ranks Wonder Girl in the Class 6 Enhanced Strength category.
-Mythical Stamina: Cassie fatigues at about a seventh of the rate of a normal woman of her age and build. When Cassie does begin to tire it is mostly a mental strain due to her body producing very little lactic acids. However, like anyone else, Cassie still requires sleep or else she will begin to suffer the mental effects of sleep deprivation.
-Mythical Resilience: Cassandra possesses a high resistance to damage and magical attacks. However, her resistance to injury is not quite as great as some metahumans. Due to her vast threshold for pain, this easily makes up for the difference. She has withstood considerable bludgeoning damage in the form of hand to hand combat with metahuman opponents such as Mammoth and Bane. She has considerable resistance to human weaponry, though this is not absolute; Bullets can cause minor to moderate injury, but are never really life-threatening.
-Mythical Speed and Flight: Cassie is capable of unassisted flight by gliding on air currents at a max speed of around 1,500 MPH. She can also run at inhuman speeds (200 MPH).
-Mythical Reflexes: Cassie's reflexes are far beyond the limitations of the finest human athletes. She has been able to react to a barrage of gunfire from multiple opponents at once unharmed. Batman notes that the reflexes of the daughters of Zeus seem to exceed those of Kryptonians.
-Mythical Agility: Cassie's agility is far beyond that of even an Olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination.
-Mythical Wisdom: Cassie possesses great wisdom and intelligence. She also has an instinctive ability to understand, read, write, and speak both Ancient and Modern Greek and learns languages at an accelerated rate.
-Mythical Senses: All of Cassie's mundane senses perform at peak levels. Cassie can often distinguish mental illusions from reality and perceive the supernatural.
-Healing Factor: Cassie' natural regenerative abilities allow her to recover from injury within minutes to hours. She possesses an incredible immunity from nearly all poisons, toxins, as well as simple diseases.

Bracelets of Submission
Modeled after the shackles the Amazons were once enslaved with. The gauntlets were forged from a mythical metal alloy known as Amazonium and were crafted for her use by Hephaestus at the request of both her sister Diana and their father Zeus. Cassie's superhuman reflexes enable her to use the gauntlets to easily deflect projectiles (such as bullets) and powerful energy blasts, much like Diana. She is even fast enough to protect herself from multi-vector attacks. At close-range, the gauntlets block blades, weapons, and punches. When crossed, the gauntlets generate an echo of the Aegis itself, forming an impenetrable barrier just in front of them which allows Cassie to protect herself and those behind her from area attacks. They are also capable of channeling Zeus' holy lightning when struck together.

Lasso of Lightning
Created by her father, Zeus, the Lasso of Lightning is similarly indestructible as the Lasso of Truth or the Lasso of Persuasion but possesses different properties from that of Diana or Donna's lassos. Upon the command of its wielder, Cassandra Sandsmark, the lasso can generate an electrical field of energy stemming directly from the lighting of Zeus, which can be used to injure opponents. This 
Note: Those with a greater will than Wonder Girl can turn the tables on her and will the lasso to shock her instead.

Magical Sword
A sword forged by Hephaestus which is said to be sharp enough to cut the electrons from an atom.


Ares has noted that Cassandra has "his rage" and one more than one occasion she has been tricked into flying into a fury and being lured into a trap or into abandoning her teammates.

Vulnerability to Adamant
As the daughter of Zeus, Cassie shares his weakness to weapons made of Adamant. Injuries caused by such weapons inflict painful wounds upon the divine, causing damage which heals at a much slower rate.

Vulnerability to Piercing Weapons
Cassie is extremely resistant to blunt force attacks and has a vast tolerance for pain. However, she is more vulnerable to piercing weapons, such as arrows and bullets.


Cassie Sandsmark is obsessed with social media. She has multiple accounts for her multiple identities and enjoys taking selfies with the unconscious and/or restrained criminals she encounters.

A true cinephile, Cassie can quote hundreds of lines from dozens of movies at the drop of a hat.

Cassie is a frequent sight on a number of first-person shooter leaderboards under the screen name 'Drusilla96'. Apparently, she is quite the trash-talker, too.

Cassie is really good at math, though she despises 'showing her work' and as a result, often neglected her homework and had atrocious math grades.

Cassie is a heavy sleeper and by no means a morning person. She has been known to not only break alarm clocks, but also the nightstand they were resting on and even the floor below it.

Cassie has a bad temper and has been known to throw things when upset. Thankfully, as she can throw cars and shipping containers, it's rare for her to do this with friends, family, and teammate arguments.

Cassie doesn't leave the house without applying her favorite lip gloss.

Cassie loves to chew on ice cubes but absolutely cannot stand to drink plain water.

Cassie thinks that babies are totally adorable. She has been known to become distracted if a baby is around her or break into quiet giggle fits if one makes eye contact with her.

Recently, Cassie decided to try her hand at bartending, as a hobby. She thinks she is like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, but in reality, she not only gets the drinks all wrong but she also breaks more bottles than she serves with her attempted tricks. None of her friends have had the nerve to tell her to stop and their beating around the bush on the matter only gets them scary glares from the demigoddess.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman